Recommended by Adam Szymkowicz

    8 May. 2017
    I love this. It's so much fun and so well written. It's insider hilarious. This is the play I needed in my life right now.
  • Kingdom Come
    22 Jul. 2016
    See this when it comes to New York this season! A touching, funny beautiful play.
  • DADDY ISSUES: a gay romp through history starring Adolf Hitler!
    22 Jul. 2016
    It's almost impossible to have more fun than this.
  • Things You Can Do
    22 Jul. 2016
    I saw a beautiful production of this in Seattle. A timely and emotional play about homecoming and family and the struggle to get to somewhere better.
  • Local Story
    27 Apr. 2016
    oh man I love this play so much.
  • You Remind Me of You
    27 Apr. 2016
    My introduction to Matthew's work. A charming, quirky and unique play. I loved every minute.
  • Frelmetsch the Maneater
    27 Apr. 2016
    This is a fun play. Would love to see it staged.
  • Everything is Wonderful
    20 Apr. 2016
    Great play. Chelsea is an immense talent.
  • Miller, Mississippi
    20 Apr. 2016
    simply devastating. Boo is a fantastic writer everyone should know. I hope she posts more of her hilarious sad beautiful plays here.
  • Everything Flashes
    20 Apr. 2016
    This play made me choke up several times. I love it so much.