Recommended by DC Cathro

    29 Jun. 2022
    A sweet, sassy short featuring mature characters, Lermond’s “The Mating Habits of Shoreline Birds” is charming and bubbles with both fun and some sexual tension. I love the cheeky title, too!
    31 May. 2022
    A scathing look at the inner workings of the biggest and best/worst company on the planet. Either very well researched or autobiographical, this exposé on the "A to Z" is startling, but not really. Corporate culture has always been hard on the workers, but Amazon has taken it to extremes, so much so that they have to run ad campaigns to alleviate pressure from workers and the public. This piece brings to mind "Walmartopia" in the humor and style and themes, only more personal and without the songs. Excellent work, funny, and yet another reason to SHOP SMALL BUSINESS!
  • What are the Odds?
    19 May. 2022
    Utterly, utterly charming. Short and sweet, natural and funny, and as delightful as a popsicle in summer. Odds are you’ll enjoy this one a lot.
  • Melto Man and Lady Mantis
    13 May. 2022
    I love super heroes, villains, comic books, and this play. It’s a twisty slice-of-life conversation about mundane things that devolves into a thrillingly good time on stage. Fun, insightful, visually cool, and features both great roles for actors and a fantastic costume design opportunity. Excelsior!
  • Coming In
    4 May. 2022
    Well, that was a twist. This short comedy turns some tables and makes some really interesting points on sex and identity between the laughs. Funny, awkward, and heartfelt… and a tad unexpected. Great fun!
  • Hoist (a monologue)
    31 Mar. 2022
    Oh, Scott… Your words are like a hot knife slicing through feelings. Your language is, as always, eloquent and visual and full of both confidence and longing at the same time. You have an ease and an intensity that is disarming and wonderful. Reading your words, we all feel a different sort of hoist. Lovely work.
  • Knife on a Glass (a monologue)
    19 Mar. 2022
    Wow. The knife might start on the glass but then it pierces the ignorance and entitlement that so many people have had enough of. Vivid, sharp, and powerful. YES, Scott Sickles. YES.
  • Intrusive Thoughts and Me
    12 Mar. 2022
    GET OUT OF MY HEAD, KYLE SMITH! This micro-comedy will validate every intrusive thought you ever had or will have. Fast, funny, and I feel attacked. Hilarious.
    12 Mar. 2022
    Lovely, rich, and lyrical. This timeless fairy tale has beautiful, visual dialogue and weaves a story of love and hope and loss. A magical piece for both actors and audience. Beautiful, beautiful work.
  • Love Locks Bridge (a 10 minute play)
    12 Mar. 2022
    I love the images Miller paints in this piece, from describing the environment and what the characters actually see, to the visual of “love” causing the destruction of the bridge where these two yin-yang people meet. Both are out of their element for different reasons, but both share one important drive that simultaneously connects them and causes friction. Beautiful language and funny banter bounce off each other like watching a ping pong game, and a lovely ending both for the characters and the audience. Sweet and, as advertised, joyous.