Recommended by DC Cathro

  • A Fistful of Bees
    20 Mar. 2024
    A skillfully told tale of a relationship beginning, and the beginning of the end? Murphy deftly handles the intricacies of courting and conflict in a piece that pulls you in with natural dialogue and relatable circumstances. Casting and directing this show would also be incredibly fun, definitely take a look.
  • Every, Every
    4 May. 2023
    What a lovely and heartbreaking piece, told in a wonderfully theatrical way. Beautiful and sad and brilliant in structure and storytelling. Powerful.
  • Whirlpool
    14 Jan. 2023
    Unsettling, funny, sweet, painful, and an intimate glimpse into friendship and young love gone wrong. The story is well told in non-linear fashion, giving the reader both history and foreshadowing as they weave the full story together. Great roles for two actors. Beautiful work.
  • Not THAT Steve Martin
    14 Jan. 2023
    Fast and funny, this short piece barrels along with poor Theodore being run ragged. Relatable and quippy with great roles for all four actors. In a perfect world, Steve Martin (the SNL alum) playing Theodore would make for a brilliantly twisted and meta theatre experience! How can we make this happen?! AND NPX playwright Steve Martin as Aaron?! The mind reels!
  • Dormancy
    5 Dec. 2022
    Just when you think you know how things are going, progressing, Sickles pulls the rug out, sending you crashing to the ground. And you shouldn’t be surprised, but you are. A rich, powerful piece in just a couple pages.
  • Underneath
    5 Dec. 2022
    As someone with definite hoarder-like tendencies, there was a lot I could relate to in this piece. Dealing with aging parents is never easy, for either the parents or children, and Hall captures the love, care, and frustration of this stressful time with clarity and compassion. Sweet, funny, and heartfelt.
  • I Don't Like Theatre [a monologue]
    5 Dec. 2022
    Emotions run deep with Don, so deep you almost can’t see them, which is something Martin captures beautifully in this short piece. It’s about theatre, but not. This man, with all of his subtleties, is captured so brilliantly in just a few pages, and we see his well hidden emotions through the cracks so vividly. Lovely, lovely work.
  • Hands Of Fate
    22 Oct. 2022
    Heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting, this short work is powerful because it’s relatable in many ways, whether you identify as gay or not. The juxtaposition of the love and support vs. the abuse (referenced, not shown) makes for a strong impact.
  • Tennessee Wet Rub
    30 Sep. 2022
    A well-told tale of race and recipes, “Tennessee Wet Rub” is intriguing, insightful, and mysterious. Ruyle skillfully plays with regional dialects, and the play features rich characters that actors will joyously sink their teeth into.
  • Water Damage
    25 Jul. 2022
    A supernatural thriller where nothing actually “happens,” Prillaman serves up the creepy and disturbing without the use of visuals. This short piece relies heavily on a soundscape, leaving the reader and audience to imagine far worse than anything you might see on a stage. Powerful and thought-provoking.