Recommended by DC Cathro

  • 500/501
    10 Nov. 2021
    Heartbreakingly sentimental, sad, sweet, and smart. Lives begin and intersect and end and the cycle goes on, but these lives touch each other and affect each other and learn. The dialogue is energetic and the visual images of this piece in my head are vivid, which is a high compliment. Lovely, lovely work.
  • Five Frickin Winters
    10 Nov. 2021
    A modern farce full of physical comedy, great laughs, and some cerebral dialogue that sets it apart from the typical funny plays out there. These strong and well defined characters take us on a wild ride of love and lust, leading to an unexpectedly sweet (and maybe a little sad) finale. A fantastic script, worthy of many a production. Fore!
  • Ashleigh Says Out Loud the Thing She Meant to Say in Her Head
    2 Nov. 2021
    Whoa. For a one-minute piece, this short play packs a wallop! A beautiful and kinda sweet setup quickly escalates after a verbal slip of the tongue, and it’s all done in such a naturally organic way. Prillaman always shines when he lets his dark side show. Definitely check this one out.
  • A Minute Past Midnight on Valentine's Day, or, the Untold Truth about Romantics (a 1-minute play)
    26 Oct. 2021
    Sweet, heartbreaking drama in one tiny page. Martin has such a knack for telling huge stories in very few words, but with the impact and emotion of a feature length film. So much is said, but even more is unsaid in this wonderful,bite-sized play. The feels will be felt. Trust me.
  • Out of the Silence and Back Again (a 1-minute immersive play)
    21 Oct. 2021
    The subtitle may be misleading. It might take a minute to read, but I’m willing to bet a performance would go longer because the actor and audience will enjoy this piece so much. I always marvel at how Martin can mine ideas that so quickly and efficiently squeeze intense emotions out of an audience, whether highs or lows, and this play does not disappoint. And I predict that every performance will be stunningly varied. Dazzling.
  • What I Got Nobody Wants
    21 Oct. 2021
    Many sad truths in this short piece, but also a lot of hope that springs forth from this conversation between two people who really have so little in common. Lessons are taught and learned and I find myself wishing the ride were a bit longer, which says a lot. Beautiful work.
    20 Oct. 2021
    Cheryl has gone off the deep end in this frantic revenge tale, hilariously told at a breakneck pace. She wants her ex to suffer and has gone out of her way to use some very unorthodox methods to make him squirm. Hysterical and rollicking dialogue throughout, this comedic tour-de-force has a really great role for an actress to sink her teeth into. Really fun! Thumbs up!
  • It's Not Blood
    20 Oct. 2021
    This powerful piece explores the bond of brothers and family, while providing a rich history of who these men are and who they were. Brutal with honesty, blunt with language, but the loved shared is obvious underneath the machismo on display. It’s the kind of story Springsteen would sing about, which is a high compliment indeed. Excellent.
  • Y(e)arning
    16 Oct. 2021
    A perfect reminder that no matter how old or young we are when we pass, we each get a lifetime. The length is subject to the fates in this wonderful short piece, but what we do with it is our own choosing, and that message of hope is what I took away from it. A physically and visually intriguing script too, all in two beautiful short pages. Excellent.
  • Best Friends (One Act)
    15 Oct. 2021
    The themes touched on in Baker’s “Best Friends” will be very familiar to many in the LGBTQ+ community. This short piece is raw, blunt, and explicit, and the emotionally charged dialogue between these two “friends” slices like a knife and punches like a fist. It’s not an easy read, but it deals with important topics in the gay community and will leave quite an impact.