Recommended by DC Cathro

  • The Resurrectionists
    15 Oct. 2021
    Darkly funny and full of laugh-out-loud banter, “The Resurrectionists” feels like the love child of Dickens and Abbott & Costello. The characters are delightfully twisted and although you might see where the play is going, the journey is still a fun ride. Excellent!
  • Scary to Love an Addict (a monologue)
    15 Oct. 2021
    This short piece captures with vivid intensity the highs and lows of loving an addict, and the dread of what may or may not come to pass. The fear is palpable and Berl draws you into this world of juxtapositions, uncertainty, and caring. It’s a powerful piece, and one that actors could really explore on many levels. Beautiful and brutal.
  • The Old Railroad
    15 Oct. 2021
    What an incredibly rich, beautiful piece, and all in one page. I’m in awe of Sickles and his ability to get so much love and so much history into so few words. A lovely holiday offering, stunning in it’s simplicity.
  • Hats Off To Innovative Theatre
    15 Oct. 2021
    OKAY, SO, MANY years ago as an actor, we were at a first rehearsal and the director was asked what their vision for the show was… “Hats!” … Literally! Naturally I found this piece relatable with snappy back-and-forth and flexibility for a director to have a lot of fun. Actors and theatre folk especially will enjoy this short piece.
  • Prelude to a Hostile Takeover
    12 Oct. 2021
    A hilarious look at politics through the lens of little girl scouts. The kids are played by adults, giving them free reign to use language not intended for kiddies, and in a nod to the animated Peanuts specials, the unseen adults will allow the sound designer an opportunity for some good times. Action! Scandal! Bugs! This one has all that and more! Great fun!
  • When Cranes Cha-Cha
    9 Oct. 2021
    BWA-HA-HA! Okay, the fact that this is very loosely based on real events was a hook, then you throw in a Prince soundtrack? Sold! Hilarious, right down to the title. Might I also recommend Morris Day’s “The Bird?” Haw-HAW!
  • Five, Six, Seven, Eight
    25 Sep. 2021
    The pandemic has spawned many a Zoom play, but this one really nails so many of the difficult circumstances that people are dealing with, outside of their health. Making a living as an artist, being literally trapped in close quarters with loved ones, mental and emotional health… It also makes the Zoom play much more visually interesting in a creative and natural way. The characters are well drawn, the dialogue snaps, and you’ll find yourself drawn into these two worlds. Plus, great roles for actors to devour. Excellent.
  • Love's Bright Wings
    25 Sep. 2021
    What ALL of us on NPX are feeling in this pandemic is summed up in this short piece, sweetly and deftly told. A lovely ode to what we all miss, we need, and can’t wait to return to. Unexpected and sad and joyous and beautiful. Just beautiful.
  • Dark Twist
    25 Sep. 2021
    A darkly intriguing play that pulls you in with vivid characters and dialogue, and keeps you reading as more information and history is revealed. Williams loves giving his characters rich backgrounds and that’s what brings them to such stunning life. Visual, physical, and sometimes difficult, this is an excellent example of what he does best.
  • The Air, The Water, and the Space In Between
    25 Sep. 2021
    A unique theatrical experience, intimate but casual. This piece (these two pieces? Two-and-a-half?) takes two actors and two audience members on a short journey, walking and talking as each side of the story comes to life, culminating in a meeting of all four participants for the end of the show. A pair of beautifully emotional journeys that would be wonderful to take. Read it and understand. Really stunning.