Recommended by Catherine Weingarten

  • Polterguys
    8 Oct. 2019
    A fun, zippy horror friendly romp about love anddd zombies. This play is perfect for Halloween and has a trashy, great blockbuster-esque feel to it that's rarely seen in the theater.
  • The Newlywed Game
    24 Aug. 2019
    Hilarious, sweet, supa fun. A story that puts people on stage you don't normally see and is also a really fun ride. Alyssa is a young up and comer and the play oozes with thoughtfulness and deep ideas about family and trying to compromise. Love it!!
  • A Stitch Here or There: A Sock Tragedy in One Act
    16 Jun. 2019
    A heartwarming and theatrical little sock puppet play that explores adult issues like loneliness and suicide in a thoughtful way. It would be a fun standout in a short play fest!
  • Black Hollow
    16 Jun. 2019
    Aeneas's play "Black Hollow" is sweet and haunting in all the best ways. It takes the scary and relevant topic of gun control, and explores it in a very human and fascinating way. The play is a call to action but at the same time the piece stands on it's own as gorgeous literature and a juicy and emotionally deep play for a big group of actors to sink their teeth in.
  • McDonalds (a monologue)
    13 Feb. 2019
    A timely, fiesty and moving little monologue. Devin has a clear voicr and great sense of rythm. He’s making Ohio U playwriting alums proud with this piece!
  • Pulling Leather
    10 Jan. 2019
    A sexy and sad theatrical journey that pulled me in from the first moment. Will is a really exciting voice and captures this uncle, nephew relationship with such sweetness and repression.
    8 Dec. 2018
    A delightful short play that is holiday friendly and makes you wanna get some hot chocolate and a love interest and watch in. Gina’s naturalistic and easy dialogue rolls off the page.
  • In the End
    17 Nov. 2018
    A freaky and moving play about gun violence,connection and mundane moments turned important. Bohannon brings us in with a funny and odd situation but as things got darker, my stomach dropped and the play really took hold.
    14 Nov. 2018
    A zany and fun little comedic gem. Carnes' bright language and sense of play is on display here in a delightful way! The play is a little great commentary on how The Important Men in charge are still barely doing anything. This play is hurting for a group of game and goofy actors to attack it.
  • Galatea
    30 Sep. 2018
    Intensely romantic,funny and one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in awhile. MJ creates an adaptation that feels super contemporary and relevant to the cultural moment.