Recommended by Tiffany Antone

  • Theatre: A Love Story
    12 Mar. 2021
    Caridad writes for the whole theatrical team: words actors can’t wait to dig into and breathe to life, words that light director’s imaginations on fire, words that invite designers to the party with every damn page. A beautiful, moving, and vibrant play, both present-tense and future-loved. Thank you, Caridad, for this play!
  • always nothing else
    26 Oct. 2020
    Seriously fun and perfect for the moment. Natural dialogue, genuine connection even though they're recording and posting - so this is just a really great piece and I'd love to see it done.
  • CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 - Monologue
    15 Sep. 2020
    Amazing how a moment so brief can carry so much meaning. Human and moving. Lovely piece.
  • The Cat Monologue - Sam's Guide to Breaking Up With Style
    15 Sep. 2020
    Oh, this is very fun! And I'm a cat person, lol.
  • 20 Questions: a found monologue
    15 Sep. 2020
    Ooh, I love this. Simple concept with multitudes of interpretations and so much room for the actor to play.
  • SISTERS THREE & the tree
    23 May. 2020
    YES!! This is extraordinary work. Moving and powerful and memorable. Such a beautiful piece! Extraordinaries roles (and words and actions) for women. Highly recommend!
  • Bleed Rail
    24 Apr. 2020
    I was fortunate enough to see this production at Boston Court several years ago and still have a visceral response remembering the characters working in the slaughterhouse. Mickey's dialogue is taught, compelling, and combustible. The characters are a dream for actors. The weight of this world sits with you long after curtain - and yet it is incredibly (darkly) comic. Would love to see this play on its feet again! Highly recommend!
  • Guernica
    24 Apr. 2020
    A must read for directors! This play is so visual and so imaginative - and yet powerful in the midst of its spectacle. Incredibly creative storytelling skills on display - this would be a delicious challenge for actors and designers as well. Wow!
  • People of the Book
    24 Apr. 2020
    I could NOT stop reading this script. Wow - talk about knockout roles for the actors, and a gripping story that kept me reading well past my bedtime. A powerful story, each character with their own intense voice, and the play introduces weighty questions through narrative without it ever feeling heavy-handed. Would love to see this produced!
  • Speed of Light
    23 Apr. 2020
    Holy WOW, what an awesome script. So imaginative and powerful - transports us to a different and multi-dimensional world, but (as with all great sci-fi) the characters and challenges in this world are wildly relatable to our own. Would love to see this done!