Recommended by Tiffany Antone

  • Holler River
    18 Apr. 2020
    I can't ever put a Caridad play down until it is finished, and this was no exception. Caridad writes with magic and raw, uncooked emotion - it jumps off the page and wraps itself around your throat. A play that needs to be seen/heard/felt.
  • Soldier Poet
    18 Apr. 2020
    Darcy has such a gift with words, wisdom, and gut wrenching feeling - what a powerful and heart-pounding play! Would love to see this come alive on stage!
    18 Apr. 2020
    Ahh, hits you in the heart and gut - just beautiful and tragic. The cost of war, the cost of walls - powerful work. Would love to see this on its feet.
  • Gospel According to First Squad
    17 Apr. 2020
    Powerful writing, meaty roles for actors. Pain, humor, pathos and intensity - a beast of a play that moves and captivates.
  • NOgoodDEED
    17 Apr. 2020
    So fortunate to see this at the Ford in 2011. Spectacle for DAYS and biting, hilarious, intense dialogue. Dream challenge for designers, awesome roles for actors - would LOVE to see this show get more opportunities to wow audiences!
    17 Apr. 2020
    OMG - I LOVE THIS PLAY. So dark, so fucked up - so hilarious and terrifying. YES! Great roles for actors, a ride for your audience. Highly recommend
    17 Apr. 2020
    I saw a workshop production of this years ago and it STILL haunts me. Powerful writing (a Pelfrey staple) with characters that practically leap off the page and into your face. An intense and moving play sure to delight actors lucky enough to get cast. Highly recommend!
  • Iphigenia
    17 Apr. 2020
    WOW. What a beautiful play. Had the great fortune of witnessing ISU Theatre's production and was so very moved. A beautiful and powerful adaptation. Excellent for college sized casts as well. Highly recommend!
  • Supergirls! Tales of Life, Love, and Captain Nebraska
    17 Apr. 2020
    Had the absolute THRILL of seeing Amanda perform this as a one-woman-show last year. What a fantastic and fun evening of theatre. This play would be a welcome challenge for any actress tired of playing predictable/bland roles and is so much fun (and unexpectedly touching) for audiences. Highly recommend!
  • Portrait of the artist as a young woman
    17 Mar. 2020
    Jaisey has such a poetic and unique voice, and here she puts it to work in crafting an incredible monologue (or duologue) that would be a delicious challenge for actress(es) and director. Bravo!