Recommended by Tiffany Antone

  • Chicken Shoot
    11 Nov. 2018
    Weird and funny and delightfully Jennie Webb!
  • Chicken Shoot
    11 Nov. 2018
    Weird and funny and delightfully Jennie Webb!
  • Rebecca on the Bus
    11 Nov. 2018
    An honor to present this piece in our ONSTAGE festival. A daring, provocative piece which challenges rape culture and apathetic response through a dark comic lens.
    11 Nov. 2018
    A wonderful piece to get people talking about voting! Happy addition to the #TheatreActionVote collection. Fun, quick, flexible and effective!
  • Drop of Kindness
    17 Apr. 2018
    This play's dystopian dysfunction grabbed my attention from the start. The world is populated with quirks designed to unsettle, and the characters are mysterious but very human. Hilder weaves themes of sibling love, sibling rivalry, guru-ism, cult-ism, and terrorism, into one big creepy quilt of a play, and I enjoyed every stitch.
  • Til I Waltz Again With You
    27 Mar. 2018
    What a moving and beautiful memorial to a tragic event. A sweet, romantic piece - uplifting, even though it is tragic. Delicately written, yet powerful in its compactness.
  • Drill
    26 Mar. 2018
    This moving (and very short) piece is a great way to start off an evening or afternoon of gun-conscious work (it's a part of the Playwrights Say Never Again collection). Honored to be able to share this on our ONSTAGE: ON-AIR podcast. Gets you thinking and feeling in under two pages - bravo!
  • Linda (Monologue for a Latina)
    23 Mar. 2018
    This monologue is awesome. A beautiful role for a Latina actress about empowerment, self-realization, and Wonder Woman. An honor to include this piece in our 2017 ONSTAGE Fest!
  • Rounds Per Second
    14 Mar. 2018
    Highly effective and moving piece - powerful storytelling!
  • Just Try!
    10 Mar. 2018
    My God, this is a designer's dream - what a delightfully bizarre, active, hilarious, chilling world. And all the chalk, the outlines, the fantastic imagery and ensemble work... I would love to see this play! Excellent experimental piece, brilliant fit for a college with large ensemble looking for an opportunity to flex abstract muscles. Would love to see this play done by several companies - a show who's every incarnation will be uniquely captivating!