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  • sheila duane:
    9 Feb. 2024
    So compelling and still so frightening to read. It’s urgent, gripping, and dangerous.
    FUKT explores the complexity of love that threatens, bullies, and diminishes but fills an unconscious requirement. It explores a child’s unconditional love for a parent, even when that parent is a predator or an enabler, and the complicated nature of guilt and complicity buried in victimhood.
    How can a human being dismiss another’s humanity? Deprive, to cheat a child out of what is sacred in childhood? of a voice? Of personhood? The three selves in this play are authentic and open a spiritual door.
  • Christopher Plumridge:
    20 May. 2023
    FUKT is an incredible piece of performance theatre, worthy of its success so far, and surely more to follow.
    Emma presents three versions of her protagonist, along with cameos from more, in a compelling, funny, emotional play with a desperately sad story at its heart. Audiences will be engrossed as I was reading this play, for the pace is quick and slick.
    I really do hope I can be lucky enough to see this staged.
  • Morey Norkin:
    29 Jan. 2023
    Extremely personal, tragic, comedic, theatrical, and deserving of the recognition it has received! Emma Goldman-Sherman holds nothing back as she uses three versions of herself to tell her harrowing story of sexual abuse. No doubt this would be a challenge for many to read or see, but truths like this must be shared so others can find their own path to survival. Outstanding, honest, moving work!
  • Randall Huskinson:
    11 Jan. 2023
    With FUKT, Goldman-Sherman has written a gut-puncher of a play, using three actors to simultaneously play versions of one character at three different ages (plus filling in as cameos of her parents and others), brilliantly compressing a lifetime of shame and denial / acceptance and catharsis into a 90 minute whiplash-of-a-ride. It left both my jaw aching from laughter and my heart sickened from the overarching theme of the piece. FUKT is simultaneously hilarious and sickening -- the gods of comedy and tragedy fighting to a draw for stage time. I cannot wait to see it live.
  • Sam Heyman:
    8 Dec. 2022
    I at last got to view FUKT in its entirety, unabridged and uninterrupted and it cannot be overstated: FUKT is a powerful, harrowing, hilarious and vital piece of theatre. Navigating the personal and often painful mythology of its playwright, developing a history full of vulnerability and avowed unreliability, the journey of FUKT is an unforgettable one. Emma Goldman-Sherman's voice--or perhaps voices--shines through the darkness while accepting all of the painful parts along the way. I join the chorus of voices singing this play's praises - a marvelous piece of work.
  • Andy Boyd:
    15 Nov. 2022
    FUKT is a bracing and funny examination of some very dark and serious issues around abuse, sexuality, and identity. The three versions of Emma all have sharply-contrasting wants (though the same real needs), and watching the three of them duke it out in words throughout the course of the play creates a richly three-dimensional portrait of a person and a character.
  • Scott Sickles:
    13 Nov. 2022
    I keep thinking of this play in terms of dissection.

    An autopsy of memory.
    A vivisection of life.
    Surgery for the soul.

    There will never be a more frank, personal play written. About anything. Ever.

    One of the most important things is says about sexual assault/abuse is that we frequently don't realize it's happening. Or that it's happened.

    Sex and touch are conflated with love.
    Love is subsequently confused by and excised from those necessities.

    Most importantly, FUKT is a brutality honest testament of survival, and celebration of the lives we build, after lifetimes of destruction.

    Speak out!
  • Hilary Bluestein-Lyons:
    12 Nov. 2022
    I am so grateful to have had the chance to see FUKT via livestream. Of course it’s a difficult subject, and it’s often difficult to watch a person struggle with coming to grips with the realities of trauma. I, and so many people, unfortunately can relate to this story, involving memory loss, denial, neglect to oneself, and even forgiveness. Emma conveys her story through FUKT in a gentle and humorous but also frank and even violent way. But because it’s so raw and truthful, it’s immensely engaging. Thank you Emma for bravely sharing your story!
  • Tita Anntares:
    11 Nov. 2022
    FUKT closes in NYC 11-13-22! Streaming ends soon. Your chance to bear witness to the struggle to break free from raw or blocked memories of abuse - profound and sometimes surprisingly hilarious (and never melodramatic), as three selves -child, young woman, and wife/mother- battle their way through conflicting truths to find the courage to tell without shame what happened and accept in order to live life, not stay trapped in the pain. Written with courageous awareness of the damaging impact of sexual abuse by a trusted parent -and an even more courageous determination to reclaim one's own life.
  • Caridad Svich:
    7 Nov. 2022
    A disarmingly funny, sad/sharp autobiographical play about living with and through trauma. Written with passion and heart and genuine desire to create healing space."