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  • Bob Stewart:
    31 Oct. 2022
    I just saw my colleague's play "FUCT" this weekend. Immensely fascinating, as the story unfolds with comedy, drama and pure theatrics! With lots of entertaining ideas and real honesty. One of the most emotionally transparent pieces, I've seen in a long time. And at 80 minutes! Go!!!!!
  • Johanna Griese:
    26 Aug. 2022
    Wow - just read this and I’m blown away. It’s heartbreaking but not the hard read I was expecting. It flows really well, and the three characters are so well defined. And really brave of the playwright to be so honest with all of the emotions her characters go through.
  • Charles Scott Jones:
    14 Aug. 2022
    FUKT is true to itself, as wild as hell in its tripartite testimonial ferocity that feels as if it could erupt and hurl lava everywhere but Emma, Bobbie, and Barbara never lose command of their astonishing subject until at last we all arrive uplifted from the abyss. I love the Jung epigraph and think this play gets at the competing truths in one woman’s soul as Goldman-Sherman fearlessly probes the dark. So happy this vital work is being staged!!!
  • Nora Louise Syran:
    29 Jul. 2022
    I avoided reading this play with its hard edged title knowing how tough, how "dark" a read it would be. Now I sit seconds after in the flood of feelings raised in reading it without regret and proud of Goldman-Sherman bringing this story "on stage..spotlighting women." The things we ignore, avoid and/or try to forget --as Goldman-Sherman depicts visually, psychologically and musically in this beautifully and hauntingly crafted play-- never truly resolve themselves until they are faced. Strong staging and lighting possibilities. Produce this play.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    24 Jul. 2022
    Emma is Emma. And Barbara. And Bobbie. Together they are broken. And together they are whole. This one woman, 3 person show is like nothing you have ever witnessed. It will destroy you and bring you back to a happy warm spotlight in the end. This is a hard play. But it's a story that not only frees Emma, it frees all who want to forget but NEED to remember the dark corners of their pasts.
  • Paul Donnelly:
    1 Mar. 2022
    A gripping, harrowing, and at times unsettlingly comic exploration of recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse. I was pulled along headlong by the currents of truth and pain that underlie every page. And celebrated the final journey to wholeness that concludes the play.
  • Laura Scruggs:
    30 Jan. 2021
    A truly inspiring, vulnerable tale of hope.

    A few of my favorite moments:

    "I have to tell it so they can understand, so they can really experience what it's like to be acknowledged like that, to be seen."

    "It's theatre and theatre magic. We've believed in it ever since we got to save Tinkerbell when we were five."

    "You have to let it work. You have to let us try."

    "I don't tell anyone...I don't even tell myself."

    And, BOBBIE is not crazy. Yes! Women are often seen that way, this is so validating.

    And there is a zombie!

  • Michael Goodwin Hilton:
    5 Jan. 2021
    Seeing as how so many people have recommended this play, I doubt I can add much more, but I'll try: this play is mesmerizing! Scarce was the page I didn't gasp, laugh, or have some other visceral reaction. As formally inventive as "Three Tall Women", this takes the one-woman show to a whole new level. While reading it, I reflected on the core of sex, love, personal transformation, and what it means to create, and let go. Emma is among our most vital artists: her writing is on fire; it has fur, and screams, and weeps, and prays, and dances.
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    14 Dec. 2020
    A powerful play. Raw and real. Compelling, disturbing, and also compassionate. Produce this play.
  • Noel VanDenBosch:
    28 Nov. 2020
    FUKT pulls no punches. A gritty, honest play about trauma from abuse, coming to terms with it, and forgiving your past self. I was fortunate to catch a virtual reading not too long ago, and I look forward to seeing it onstage!