Recommended by David Hansen

  • The Ambassador, or: The Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons
    21 Aug. 2017
    A brief, absurd satire which cuts directly to the heart of modern political distraction and dysfunction. A very funny piece to compliment the talents of any duo of comedic performers.
  • Misery Loves Mini Golf
    9 Aug. 2017
    Grittily witty, open-hearted, and somewhat sinister, Gomez employs a run-down miniature golf course as a metaphor for the vacuous decay at the core of America suburbia. An eclectic tribe of late-twenties golf partners staging an ill-advised high school reunion and learn that not only can you never go home again, who would want to? This playwright has a great talent for dialogue which is not only realistic but hip and bitingly satiric.
  • We Can Be Heroes
    5 Aug. 2017
    This delightful, brief, historical-comical-tragical cabaret piece belongs in an upbeat, electric evening of musical vignettes about transgender history. It's simple, straight-forward and accurate, but also presentational and smartly absurd. Viva Romy! Viva Bowie!
    24 Jul. 2017
    Performed the role "1590" in a production of this work twenty years ago this summer (ye gods) and for better or worse, this script is as relevant, biting, and hysterical as ever. A fascinating exploration of a little-known historical figure, "Theodora" is an evocative primer on history, who owns it, and what they do with it. Strongly recommended.
  • Gruoch, or Lady Macbeth
    21 Jul. 2017
    "Gruoch" is at once playful and deadly serious, an examination of the hidden forces which shape our ends. A small company tells the story of Lady Macbeth from a historical perspective, as well as from Shakespeare's, in an intriguing non-stop festival of words and action, with shockingly contemporary relevance.
  • Rachel Jones Writes a Romantic Comedy
    19 Jul. 2017
    Sweet, poignant, pointed and hilarious!
  • R and J
    23 Jun. 2017
    Intriguing, sweet, and psychologically correct. An ideal two-hander for *actual* teenagers (or those who can play them) one which hits the sweet-spot between teen angst and burgeoning maturity. Strongly recommended and entirely appropriate for high school actors and audiences.
  • The Imaginary Invalid
    5 Jun. 2017
    This Gross/Young adaptation is drop-dead hilarious, maintaining and metastasizing the humor of Molière's original with contemporary flair and incisive commentary on today's health care conundrum. Also, the songs are really enjoyable.
    30 Apr. 2017
    Corthron's play is taut and tense, with colorful and flawed characters, all essentially decent, their intentions clear and understood -- a legal thriller without any of your cigar-twiddling villains. What's at stake is very real and urgent, and the conclusion uncertain up to the final moment. Highly recommended.
  • Swimming While Drowning
    27 Apr. 2017
    "Swimming" is a lovely, lyric dance of dialogue between two teens in a shelter for LGBT youth. Rodriguez employs performance poetry to move the story forward, not merely as commentary on the action, but to take emotional leaps forward in the relationship between these two young men.