Recommended by John Minigan

  • Lost Season
    7 Jun. 2020
    A lovely play about how we deal with loss, how we grieve over lost traditions as well as loved ones, and how, if we stay aware of the natural cycles around us, we can find ways to evolve. Beautifully wrought.
  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    6 Jun. 2020
    This is a heartfelt and often heartbreaking play that explores the emotional depths the title suggests. Its alternate world is frighteningly close to ours but, despite the horrors inflicted on both sides of its imagined national border, there is light in the depths, and care and possibility to be found in love and compassion. A gorgeous work that, given how richly its world is imagined, could be as stunning on stage as it is on the page.
  • Two Socks Discuss Loss
    28 May. 2020
    A miracle of a short play. Walt McGough has made my heart break and heal again for hosiery. I've had students work on it many times in classes, and they always find grief, joy, and beauty in it.
  • This Is Your Captain
    19 Apr. 2020
    A laugh-out-loud satire that reflect our national moment perfectly. It captures, in one situation and ten minutes, the absurdity and recklessness, the denial of the obvious, and the willful ignorance, even among those seated closest to the crisis. You've got to laugh, or you'd certainly cry, and this play lets us laugh a lot.
  • No Right Time, a virtual play in 10 minutes
    19 Apr. 2020
    This is a deeply felt, beautiful, heart-breaking play about love in a time when not just grief but the preparation for grieving takes over our lives. The two characters' different approaches to the challenges they face--Kevin focusing on the practical, David on the emotional--not only build conflict but show the power of their love for each other. It's a play that works brilliantly as "streamed" theater but which would also be a gut-punch performed live.
    12 Apr. 2020
    A play that is totally clever and totally charming! From the start, you're pulling for Adam--even if it was his roommate "Luce" that got him into the situation--and pulling for Eve, too. A lovely rom-com that would be a delight in any short play fest.
  • Matthew Weaver Meets the Goddess Aphrodite
    12 Apr. 2020
    Such a funny, heartfelt, deeply satisfying and refreshingly romantic play. What is it to long for love? And is it greater to understand longing--and to be able to capture that longing in writing--than to have that longing fulfilled? Does the act of creating for others move us more than a love that locks our gaze into the eyes of just one other person would do? So many rich unanswerables -- but maybe some playwrights need everything spelled out for them in big, bold, clear letters :) Would love to see this stage!
  • You, Me. Me, You. (10-minute)
    12 Apr. 2020
    This is a brilliantly conceived and thoroughly engaging romantic comedy with great roles for both performers. Both are sharp and witty, and both have surprises for us and for each other--and the movement toward a connection between them is clear and fulfilling. Wonderfully effective!
    12 Apr. 2020
    Loftus' Eddie & Edna is a compelling, breath-catches-in-your-throat dive into the way the past and even the present become slippery--especially with the compounding of age and grief. A devastating and heart-breaking gem of a play.
    1 Apr. 2020
    This is a beautiful and utterly heart-breaking short play, reminding us that we are at (or, if you're an optimist, rapidly approaching) a point of no return. Soon, all that's growing and vibrant and green may be little more than a memory. The two characters, damaged by us, watched by us, are a modern Vladimir and Estragon--made more searing because of the awareness that we are responsible for their (and our) fate.