Recommended by John Minigan

    16 Jul. 2022
    Such a surprising, sharp, funny and carefully crafted short play. Not only strong in performance, the piece also works beautifully in playwriting classes as an example of masterful exposition. We get the whole story, eventually, but lean forward at every minute trying to piece together the truth of these characters. (And it's not necessary to have seen Glenda Jackson's Lear, but if you did catch it in NYC, there's some extra joy to be found in this.)
    16 Jul. 2022
    This play grabs you quickly with its repartee between two very different characters, one with a lot of mileage and one with a lot of skills but less mileage. But what gradually unfolds is a beautiful, heartfelt drama that exposes the pain of the older character and portrays his grief with unexpected grace. A richly layered piece that brings the past into the present in the car on the sidewalk as well as in the lives of both characters
  • Madeleines
    22 May. 2022
    Madeleines is a gorgeous play, capturing in clear strokes the ways in which our lives and our sense of self are continually redefined as we understand more deeply how we came to be where we are. Debra and Jennifer's relationship become increasingly complex as it becomes more honest, and their journey to connect to their family and each other through the complexity of cooking is wrought in beautiful detail. A resonant piece for all of us who hold (and interrogate) the traditions passed on and the traditions withheld.
  • Ladies' Night
    2 May. 2022
    A very sharply-written and funny exploration of what happens when a group of long-time friends has to confront their diverging life choices. Clear, thoroughly engaging, and redemptive. Wonderful to see a piece that examines and ultimately celebrates friendship
  • Satan At Walmart (A Ten-Minute Play)
    1 May. 2022
    This short is sharp and witty, and it gives us faith that love can flourish even under the most unlikely conditions--whether as a by-product of a Faustian bargain or white restocking the paper goods aisle. And the price of a soul, it turns out, can be deeply discounted. Diabolically funny!
  • Come Again
    29 Apr. 2022
    This is a hilarious powerhouse of a play -- disarming and ultimately devastating. It's the only kind of comedy that makes sense these days, and it's a play that should be produced all over. Great roles for the actors, but an even greater ride for the audience, from belly-laughs to gut-punches.
  • The Remote (a ten minute play)
    18 Feb. 2022
    What's a couple to do when their relationship grows "remote"? This short play is fiendishly clever and is probably fiendishly hard to perform, but it's worth the struggle. Funny, absurd, touching, with a final moment that is *chef's kiss.* Hooray, once again, that Mark Harvey Levine's imagination is at work in the world.
  • Gentri-Fried Chicken
    17 Feb. 2022
    This play makes you laugh until it hurts, and BECAUSE it hurts. In one minute, we get hard truth about gentrification and trendy foodie obsession, all dusted lightly with purple sage and hilarity.
  • failing at a 1-page play festival
    17 Feb. 2022
    I just KNEW who was to blame for zoom play festivals! This hilarious satire will appeals to fans of new plays (and fans of Satan) and anyone who has been rejected. Sympathy for the Devil has never been so funny!
  • The Order (a one minute play)
    17 Feb. 2022
    A rom-com as brilliant as it is brief. The conceit is clear and hilarious, and as it expands, it reveals more and more about the nature of the characters and their relationships. Fabulous work from a master of the form!