Recommended by John Minigan

  • Repetition (A Phillie McDougal Play)
    2 Oct. 2019
    A lovely, funny, heartfelt play. The characters jump off the page--Phillie and Barbie have known each other a long time and DeVita paints them with such warmth, wit, and generosity. And Grace, Barbie's mother, is painted in such clear strokes--so much life as she discovers her daughter's choices and reflects on her own. Repetition is wrought with care and precision.
  • FUKT
    2 Oct. 2019
    FUKT is a miracle of a work of art. Harrowing, hilarious, immediate, and--essential for a play about memories--unforgettable. Its three actors embody the struggle from trauma to identity, raising questions of whether we can and should forgive and of how and when we can become whole, all while showing the power we can claim to name what has happened, what can happen, and who we are. A stunning work. There is something wrong with the American theater that this play has not been produced everywhere.
  • Hallmark Doesn't Make Cards for Us
    14 Jun. 2019
    I think it's really hard to build a believable and nuanced relationship in a ten minute play, but Jackie Martin does exactly that, exploring the warts-and-all connection between Jenna and Maggie. There is a quiet beauty in the way this mother and daughter pair goes from assuming every comment is meant to reopen old wounds to a subtle closing moment that acknowledges past pain and begins to find hope for their future. Program this play in your short play festival!
  • Art & Class
    3 Jun. 2019
    It's rare to find a play that has throws totally compelling characters into intense social/political issues -- and keeps the focus clearly on both the lives of the characters AND the issues. The personal IS the political in this play. It's riveting and nuanced, with no easy answers. And its movement over the course of the story is filled with hilarious moments, gut-wrenching moments, and surprises that complicate and deepen the characters and the issues. It's a feast of a play.
  • Wikipedia Jones Takes The Case
    21 Apr. 2019
    This is a wild, hilarious, spin on the kid crime-buster genre. Tightly structured, fast-moving, and way more than laugh-a-minute. I'd love to see this on stage. (It's a little R-rated, so the kids the audience should probably also be played by adults)
  • Bully Dance
    20 Apr. 2019
    This astonishing play uses ritual, time, and the presence and pain of both victims and assailant to confront the impossibility of understanding violent tragedy for all who experience it. The play moves us to something beyond understanding--there is grace in the writing and structure and the possibility of grace for these characters after and maybe because of their pain. Powerful and compelling.
  • Turndown Service
    16 Apr. 2019
    Such a funny piece! The inciting incident for this farce is cleverly placed before the curtain rises, so we're wrapped in the same mystery as poor Betty, and the situation her fiance Adam and their "friend" Cameron find themselves in overtakes her, the room itself, and maybe her marriage. Shades of Joe Orton and Hitchcock here--as death, farce, and relationships tumble into unexpected territories. Rollicking and delightfully wild.
  • Really Adult
    13 Apr. 2019
    This is an absolutely lovely play. Clear and compelling characters on a journey that you think you can predict, but which surprises you in the way it surprises the characters--which is exactly how their lives have surprised them as they've reached adulthood. There is a finely wrought blend of joy and heartbreak in this piece, and two characters you care about and root for romantically, and then care about even more deeply as their "targets" shift during their Target shift. Precise and heartfelt work.
  • Chaplin & Keaton on the Set of Limelight
    13 Apr. 2019
    This play captures not just a moment in movie history and a meeting of two of the great artists of the last century, it also poses essential questions about the nature of the artistic impulse and the importance of art in the world. Is it imperative to do more than entertain, especially in the face of crisis and hatred? And where will fulfillment come from for an artist? Highly theatrical storytelling, with "silent" sequences that give us the creative world of these geniuses as they work through their differences. Compelling and remarkable.
  • Feminist Valhalla
    8 Apr. 2019
    This is a brilliant short play, starting with wit and humor and building into something that is both high energy farce and important political/social commentary on where we are and on how easy it is to take an empowering movement in completely the wrong direction. From Valhalla to Ragnarok in about ten minutes. Also, I'm sure, an absolute joy for performers.