Recommended by John Minigan

  • Come Again
    29 Apr. 2022
    This is a hilarious powerhouse of a play -- disarming and ultimately devastating. It's the only kind of comedy that makes sense these days, and it's a play that should be produced all over. Great roles for the actors, but an even greater ride for the audience, from belly-laughs to gut-punches.
  • The Remote (a ten minute play)
    18 Feb. 2022
    What's a couple to do when their relationship grows "remote"? This short play is fiendishly clever and is probably fiendishly hard to perform, but it's worth the struggle. Funny, absurd, touching, with a final moment that is *chef's kiss.* Hooray, once again, that Mark Harvey Levine's imagination is at work in the world.
  • Gentri-Fried Chicken
    17 Feb. 2022
    This play makes you laugh until it hurts, and BECAUSE it hurts. In one minute, we get hard truth about gentrification and trendy foodie obsession, all dusted lightly with purple sage and hilarity.
  • failing at a 1-page play festival
    17 Feb. 2022
    I just KNEW who was to blame for zoom play festivals! This hilarious satire will appeals to fans of new plays (and fans of Satan) and anyone who has been rejected. Sympathy for the Devil has never been so funny!
  • The Order (a one minute play)
    17 Feb. 2022
    A rom-com as brilliant as it is brief. The conceit is clear and hilarious, and as it expands, it reveals more and more about the nature of the characters and their relationships. Fabulous work from a master of the form!
  • That Kind of Boy [a 1-minute play]
    17 Feb. 2022
    This is a gem of a play. Sometimes a play doesn't give us what we expect. This gives us much more than we expect: warmth, hope, and - not sure how Martin does it so beautifully - grace.
  • Begging the Question
    17 Feb. 2022
    Clear and clever and full of love - though not the kind you might expect. This manages, in just a minute, to really tug at the heartstrings! Amazing, effective, and affecting.
  • Nothing Ever Happens
    17 Feb. 2022
    So much in one minute—hard truth, and real talk about dogs. And the speaker is right—as the past few years have told us, there are some places people probably don’t belong. Clear and compelling!
  • Offboarding
    17 Feb. 2022
    Ever tried to leave the job from hell? This hilarious short captures the experience in five minutes, but leaves you laughing for longer. Great specificity in the characters, comic timing that works even on the page, and the tough truth that it's fiendishly hard to get out of a soul-sucking job. Parts of it will stick with you. Brilliantly funny work!
  • You've Reached Justin
    9 Dec. 2021
    Terrifying, rich, intense, and hopeful! The piece immediately establishes a compelling personal and theatrical world, shifts surprisingly and elegantly into sc-fi/horror and ends with more than you hoped would happen.
    Don't run from things you fear, take things slowly, connect in the real world, and miraculous things can happen. Lovely work!