Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    8 Apr. 2024
    Painfully funny. Intentionally painful and riotously funny. This clever piece will entertain the young and the young at heart alike.
  • Poetica
    6 Apr. 2024
    This conversation that juxtaposes poets and semioticists and includes a discussion of the fallibility (or infallibility) of opinions is a real hoot. To the question of whether or not Flannery will come back for more, let me say I hope so and I hope that we will be privy to it.
  • Ancient Wisdom of the Shoebill Stork
    5 Apr. 2024
    The Shoebill Stork tries to offer wisdom, but Dr. Bill is too dense to hear it. This is a riotous comedy filled with witty lines and delicious revelation of character and possessed of a most satisfying ending.
  • Therese - A Murder Mystery
    2 Apr. 2024
    There is something especially captivating about a murder mystery in which every suspect has a reason to want the loathsome victim dead. The complex dynamics of several families come into play as histories are explored. I can't help but wonder what the imminent arrival of the police has instore for the innocent suspect left standing. This is a compelling and highly theatrical mystery thriller.
  • Write from the Heart
    1 Apr. 2024
    What a lovely portrait of two old friends reconnecting and then growing their relationship through an exchange of letters. All four characters are vividly drawn and sympathetic and the evolution of the correspondence has a natural build. The ending is a most heartening affirmation of the power of love.
  • is my sun shining?
    31 Mar. 2024
    An encounter with the spirit of his dead lover leads Alec to attempt to return to the world. Bursts of unexpected humor leaven this thoughtful and moving exploration of grieving a sudden and shocking loss.
    30 Mar. 2024
    A moving and finely wrought one-minute revelation of what truly terrifies a child. The monster's entrance is quite humorous, the child's response is chilling. So much is said and unsaid in such a short time.
  • Katharine Hepburn Lived Here
    30 Mar. 2024
    The spirit of Katherine Hepburn rings absolutely true in this charming comedy of ghostly apparition. There is much humor mined from the sacrifices Nicky has made to rent this apartment and the ghost of Katherine Hepburn's understanding of modern technology ("I'm dead, not stupid."). If she follows Hepburn's wise counsel, Nicky is bound for a happy life with or without stardom.
  • Not That Ed
    30 Mar. 2024
    This is a unique rom-com addressing the many complications following a one night stand. The twists and turns of the narrative are consistently funny, reversal following reversal in escalating lunacy. I felt I shared a certain credulousness with the titular Ed by the end of the play.
  • So This is a One Minute Play
    29 Mar. 2024
    What a witty look at the one minute play form in the form of a one minute play. Yet there's time for a clever set-up and a surprising resolution. The dialogue is crisp and engaging. The whole brief play is a thorough charmer.