Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • The Antique Shoppe
    5 Dec. 2023
    What an utterly charming depiction of the beginning of a romance. The two senior characters are well-drawn and ingratiating and the two younger characters are chock full of delightful surprises. This play left me with a big ole goofy grin.
    5 Dec. 2023
    Wow. Is this ever a vivid portrait of a unique and specific thirteen year old girl. From the depiction of her family to the adventure in the LIpperts' house I was riveted by Spatzy's voice and perspective. This is a wholly original and thoroughly compelling narrative.
  • The PlayMakers
    5 Dec. 2023
    What a giddy and engaging celebration of the vagaries of romance and of the creative process. The charming revelation at the end made me smile and go "Awwwwww." And the banking scenes are comic gold. This play would be a real treat to perform as well as to see performed.
  • I Invited Your Mother for Thanksgiving
    5 Dec. 2023
    This is a moving story of caring and reconciliation. Dale cares enough to take the risk and Warren ultimately accepts the possibility of reconciliation with his mother. Their communication is tender even when they are in conflict which makes the narrative especially appealing.
  • Getting Better
    3 Dec. 2023
    Dr. Jennings' journey to a reluctant faith is presented with real complexity in this absorbing narrative. The issues of who gets to heal and how does healing occur are explored with real sensitivity. The conflict between rational and mystical perspectives provokes real engagement. Although this play comes down on the side of miracles, Alice remains a compelling mystery through her last line.
  • I Don't DO Holidays
    3 Dec. 2023
    It's hard to stand up to societal pressure when you hate the holidays. All of them. But what a relief to get the truth out as Veruth does in this hysterically funny look at rejecting holiday "cheer." Even the dark ending evokes laughter. The dialogue is artfully constructed and the theme more universal than many would admit.
  • The Mantegna Effect
    2 Dec. 2023
    A clever take on the afterlife and the impact that one soul in Limbo can have on the reality left behind. Tommy's responses to each new thing he learns are very funny and relatable. The twist at the end made me laugh out loud. But don't take my word for it, read this play yourself!
  • Spices, Pinball, and Guacamole
    2 Dec. 2023
    The poisonous effects of money and assumptions and family roles (once the older sister, always the older sister) are thoughtfully and thoroughly explored in this witty and occasionally tense two hander. That these two sisters come out the other side with their bond intact is a most heartening conclusion.
  • Live, Laugh, Lobotomize
    1 Dec. 2023
    World building is such a difficult art, but Floyd-Priskorn manages it brilliantly. The world she creates is specific and layered and very, very funny. The outsider thrown into this world is movingly transformed by her experience there. But we are all better off for having visited Flurk's shop in The Darkness.
  • North
    24 Nov. 2023
    North is a poignant portrait of a man who stubbornly clings to his values long after they are constructive in his life. Leo's independence and self-reliance ultimately extract a terrible cost as his mental faculties fade. Like the tragic hero he is, Leo is the agent of his own demise. Leo, Susan, and Michael are vivid and compellingly drawn characters who will stay with me for a long time to come.