Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • The Girl in the Wall
    7 Sep. 2023
    This chilling and hypnotic narrative addresses issues of death and dying, of faith and delusion, of the range of the spiritual realm, through such a unique and specific voice. There is also a dash of survivor's guilt which gives the speaker even more depth and makes her encounter with the demon spirit all the more gripping.
  • Pompadour
    7 Sep. 2023
    A simply lovely look at a key moment in an evolving relationship. A relationship that can even survive the intrusion of a CPAP machine. Isaac and Bascom are grounded with such specific reality that the play feels like eavesdropping on two old friends. As others have said, More please!
  • The Point
    5 Sep. 2023
    Boy do I feel Bren's pain. They are struggling with a long creative drought brought on by their experience of the Pandemic. Caroline tries to get them to reframe their expectations for their art and to jumpstart their creative life. Every creative should have a friend as nurturing and collaborative as Caroline.
  • Enough
    5 Sep. 2023
    The exhausting struggle to feel "queer enough," to feel valid in claiming one's identity, is explored movingly in this clear-eyed and aching monologue.
  • She
    5 Sep. 2023
    This lovely and lyrical tribute to her partner also addresses the way the weight of the outer world can press upon a partnership. The speaker's conflict and yearning are palpable and moving. The hope that concludes the piece feels earned and is most heartening.
  • Adam's Angels
    4 Sep. 2023
    In this clever riff on Genesis, we see possibilities beyond Adam and Eve and a very different explanation of how the apple came into Eve's possession. We also experience the first man, the first woman, the first sexism and a groaningly dysfunctional celestial bureaucracy. There is a great deal of wit and trenchant observation packed into this short satire.
  • 16 Contestant Show Talent
    2 Sep. 2023
    Clever and sublime, this one minute gem is packed with laughs. The first recitation of the alphabet is one of the wittiest bits I've seen in a while.
  • The Demon Lady
    1 Sep. 2023
    Creepy and full of surprises, this gripping horror story plays with many of the tropes of a couple of friends lost in woods who end up at an isolated cabin in the woods. To say anything more would be to give away the twists and turns that make this story so rich and engaging, Give it a listen on Gather by the Ghost Light.
  • What You Did Say
    30 Aug. 2023
    This is an urgent exploration of a relationship torn apart by unexpressed expectations. Juxtaposing their painful recollections enables a build to a moment of real clarity for each. George and Hal are compellingly drawn and the play gives full voice to their separate journeys. This is a skillfully crafted and thoroughly engaging work.
  • Der Rappe und Die Hexe
    30 Aug. 2023
    Eerie and gripping, this story of loss and guilt and resurrection takes hold and doesn't let go. The narrative unfurls subtly at first but then builds to a frenzy of revelation and recrimination. This is a world of mystical forces and urgent hungers. The characters are suffused with elemental contradictions and complicated regrets. This is world-building and story-telling of the highest order.