Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • a seussified grindr date
    29 Mar. 2024
    How do you have a hook-up with someone who speaks in Seussified rhyme? It's definitely possible in this clever play that moves deftly from comedy to darkness. It also contains the funniest Lorax reference you will ever hear.
  • Allen Abduction
    27 Mar. 2024
    Well that was bonkers, in the best possible way. From giddy set up to hysterical reveal this play offers non-stop laughs.
  • Something is Rotting on the Stage of Glenmark
    26 Mar. 2024
    Hilarious from the opening line to the ultimate resolution. The classic confrontation between the talentless would-be actor and the weary director is presented on steroids. And oh the twist! There's so much to delight in this riotous short.
  • Coronation
    26 Mar. 2024
    Devious Dan plays on all the competitors' strengths and weaknesses to manipulate the selection of Homecoming Queen. So many tropes of high school life are explored and exploded. And each of the characters are well drawn and easy to hiss or applaud as appropriate. This is a charming play without a facile moral.
  • The Envelope
    26 Mar. 2024
    The stakes are high and the suspense crescendos in this riveting narrative. So much pain and history are explored before the even more suspenseful conclusion. This is a splendid use of the ten-minute form.
  • STAYIN' ALIVE: A Female Monologue
    24 Mar. 2024
    Harrowing and real, this monologue reflects the constrained and fearful reality in which women have to live for their own safety. It also asks the heartbreaking question, "When is somebody gonna teach creeps not to rape?" STAYIN' ALIVE makes clear that until that halcyon day women are trapped in a state of eternal vigilance.
  • A Hundred Years
    24 Mar. 2024
    This is a witty and moving reimagining of the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Both Aurora and Phillip are complex and sympathetic characters and their ultimate bonding represents a triumph of simple human decency.
  • Blunk
    23 Mar. 2024
    A funny and touching look at the unrequited love felt by a bro in a sports bar. So much emotion is packed into this tight one minute dramady. Longing and repression and cluelessness are all given their due in the dynamic of the friendship so well depicted.
  • The Murder is the Thing
    23 Mar. 2024
    Jane Pierot and her cynical assistant Sandra are marvelous comic creations. They bring real verve to this delicious spoof of the small town sleuth genre. (Take that Miss Marple! Take that Jessica Fletcher!) The plot is full of appropriate and unexpected twists and the kicker ending is a real hoot. All in all, this is a most enjoyable romp.
  • The Fool
    23 Mar. 2024
    Adrien Stoker, reformed scoundrel, makes a compelling anti-hero who wants to hold his audience at all costs. We get hints of what he witnessed that brought about his change of heart, but we are left with a tantalizingly incomplete conclusion. I was certainly left wanting more of Adrien.