Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • Don't Touch The Carrot Cake
    30 Dec. 2023
    This is a delicious satire of baking competitions and the ways women are set up to unnecessarily compete with one another. The four characters are well-defined and well-differentiated, the set up and execution sparkle, and the dialogue is witty and true to each character. All-in-all a most engaging confection.
  • Six Men Dressed Like Joseph Stalin
    28 Dec. 2023
    What an invigorating mix of absurdism, history, and political satire. There is wit abounding. And suspense. And heroism and tragedy. And an exploration of an actor's preparation and its outcome. I was captivated throughout and can only imagine how thrilling it would be to see this work staged.
  • You Went There
    28 Dec. 2023
    What a saucy, sassy, mischievous little short this is. The double entendres fly as Gordon finally awakens to Janice's agenda. Great fun for actors and audiences alike.
  • Textual Abuse
    26 Dec. 2023
    A very funny play that rings disturbingly true. Expecting instant responses to their texts and failing to receive them sets off a negative feedback loop of increasing hysteria and paranoia. By the time the recipient, who has perfectly reasonable explanations for their inattention, gets to the string of text messages the damage is done. A cautionary tale for our times.
  • The Reckless Romantic
    26 Dec. 2023
    What seems to be a giddily macabre and dazzlingly witty exploration of a series of ill-fated marriage proposals is revealed to be something quite a bit more fiendish. The characters are most engaging and the wry dialogue crackles as this delicious play builds to its surprising climax. With its physical as well as verbal humor, this would be a delight to see staged.
  • Dinkers Taming Bangers
    26 Dec. 2023
    "So we're educators, not manipulators" is one of the great rationalizations of all time. Two women manipulate their partners into changing their styles of pickleball play for the sake of a friendly bet. It would be fair to say hilarity ensues. This is a very funny play, amusing even to those of us who have never so much as seen a game of pickleball.
  • Kingdom of Animals
    25 Dec. 2023
    Real intimacy so terrifies these men that it can only lead to violence. Sam and Brian share histories of abandonment and a moving memory of their grandfathers passing. They share the experience of creating art. They differ on the matter of religious faith. And all these surface details are inadequate to explain the primal attraction and revulsion that they share. This play gets at a truth that is beyond words as we watch these men struggle with multiple layers of feeling. It is an intense and honest journey.
  • G'Oy Vey!
    24 Dec. 2023
    A first date can be difficult. A Zoom first date can be awkward. A Zoom first date joined by your entire family is a circle of hell unimagined by Dante. Although in this case the family is a riot and Ezra and Taylor survive the intrusions. This is a very funny play and a perfect use of the Zoom medium.
  • A Friend
    23 Dec. 2023
    Such a moving portrait of a love that transcends loss of memory and the fears of aging. A lovely, lovely work.
  • I Found Her Ear and She Stole My Heart
    23 Dec. 2023
    Well that was quite the ride. From the very bizarre opening through the violence that follows to the eerie conclusion, this play is unsettling, darkly comic, and utterly riveting. Really, for all the strange twists and turns and the disturbing characters, this narrative grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go. This would be unforgettable on stage.