Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • The Golden Egg Cream Gold Club
    23 Apr. 2024
    What a deliciously farcical exploration of solidarity among the proletariat in the face of exclusionary exclusivity and naked classism. It really is a lot of fun with a soupcon of a message baked in.
  • GENESIS IN A RED PICK-UP TRUCK - 10-Minute, Sally and Bob a senior couple sharing a fast-food and Genesis
    23 Apr. 2024
    Bob and Sally's bond is illustrated in this humorous exploration of the first book of Genesis.
  • A RAINY NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD - one-act based on actual events in 1940's Hollywood.
    23 Apr. 2024
    A charming portrait of a woman at a crossroads and the simple decency of a stranger that gives her the confidence to pursue her dream. That the woman is Rita Hayworth adds heft to the moment and allows for illuminating references to 1940's Hollywood and to her driver's experiences in WW II.
  • Oh My Life!
    23 Apr. 2024
    What a delightful comic romp, involving family in so many configurations! The funny bits continue to escalate, but are grounded in the real affection and connection among all the characters. I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud. I would love to see this piece on its feet.
  • Earl from Greenville
    21 Apr. 2024
    This play offers a vivid portrait of virulent bigotry being challenged by the realities of a larger world. Gary's prejudices seem so deeply ingrained that there doesn't seem to be much hope of him changing. There is something sobering about these men and the persistence of their attitudes. That they seem so real is most dis-heartening.
  • Fallout or a Ballad of Peace and David Hasselhoff
    20 Apr. 2024
    The end of the GenX world comes not with a bang, but a whimper. But after that whimper new horrors grow with which the generation feels ill-equipped to cope. This is a stunning reflection on loss and betrayal and the pain of being unmoored.
  • The Curious Tale of Marston Moore's Untimely Demise
    19 Apr. 2024
    Divine madness courses through the saga of Marston Moore's untimely demise. The usual heavenly suspects (God, St. Peter) are novely rendered and add to the general tone of sublime lunacy.
    17 Apr. 2024
    What starts out seeming a moving character study becomes something richer and deeper as a startling bit of misdirection is revealed. We are left to wonder when we are sharing Eddie's delusions and when we are experiencing what is real. This is a finely crafted and gripping work.
  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    8 Apr. 2024
    Painfully funny. Intentionally painful and riotously funny. This clever piece will entertain the young and the young at heart alike.
  • Poetica
    6 Apr. 2024
    This conversation that juxtaposes poets and semioticists and includes a discussion of the fallibility (or infallibility) of opinions is a real hoot. To the question of whether or not Flannery will come back for more, let me say I hope so and I hope that we will be privy to it.