Recommended by Straton Rushing

  • The Last Shore Trip
    1 May. 2020
    It is hard for me to name another play that accomplishes what this piece does in just 10 minutes. This show consists of some of the most honest storytelling I have seen in a play in a very long time. Powerful, loving, and all-around real.
  • When Herod Came To Georgia
    18 Apr. 2020
    McLindon has a solid piece here. The small nuanced discussion of race in late-Civil War Georgia is very well done. However, this script's real punch comes from its ability to build tension and set up great circumstances for these characters to live in. Very original, very smart writing.
  • Paletas de Coco or, The Letter Unspoken or, The Christmas Eve Play
    24 Dec. 2019
    It doesn't get much more bare, powerful or honest than what Franky did with this script. I don't tear up reading plays, but this one got me 2-3 times.

    The ability to speak so frankly and honestly in a piece is not only a sign of great artistry but a sign of personal strength. I think this show is important, not just to Franky but anybody who can understand what it's like to be in his position.
  • Brawler
    12 Dec. 2019
    I had the pleasure of seeing this show at Boston Playwright's back in 2018 and it was haunting. The show is a fascinating commentary on masculinity, power and what it means when your talent becomes a commodity. McGough knocked this one out of the park.
  • The Scenic View
    17 Oct. 2019
    If you're as tired as I am of feeling like you're reading the same play over and over again from young writers, I would definitely recommend this show.

    Izzy keeps you guessing with this one, it's an original structure, concept and it doesn't shy away from going to some very strange places. Beyond that th characters are just textbook good, they never become pawns to the interesting plot, they're relatable and very real.

    Solid show all around.
  • Light Switch
    14 Oct. 2019
    One of my favorite pieces I've read in a while. Osmundsen has a unique voice and manages to pack a hefty punch in this one. I think what stands out most is how I was able to feel so strongly for each character and how Henry's struggles, while never something I have experienced in my life, felt so real and somehow relatable.

    I hope to be there when this show finds it's way to the stage.
  • A Semicolon is a Double
    6 Oct. 2019
    Touching, original, and very heartwarming in all the right ways. Rinkel did an awesome job with shaping these young characters. Worth a read for sure.
  • There Are No Small Parts
    6 Oct. 2019
    This show is so funny Colley sets up the characters for some awesome punch lines and never lets this show lag. Lovely all around.
  • Overqualified
    6 Oct. 2019
    A very original, interesting, and for some of us, unfortunately, relatable show. Not totally grounded in realism but with very relatable characters, Vansant has something very unique here.
  • Women Wear White - Ten Minute Play
    5 Oct. 2019
    Adams wrote one of the most interesting pieces of political theatre I've seen in a while here. She doesn't pull any punches with this one. Great piece.