Recommended by Straton Rushing

    7 Jan. 2019
    This show packs a wallop of emotional heartfelt content in just a page. Unfortunately relevant and heart wrenching.
  • The Mermaid Hour
    20 Dec. 2018
    Very interesting and heartwarming play that delves into gender, family and just loving eachother in a beautiful way. I think if you aren't choked up by the ending, you might not have a heart.
  • Pizza Rolls and Politics
    8 Dec. 2018
    An interesting 'slice of life' short play with family humour and quippy dialogue that discusses the political divide in the US in a way I can honestly say I haven't seen before. Pizza Rolls and Politics is an interesting little play for sure.
  • L'Ultimo Castrato
    7 Dec. 2018
    Often forgotten in the history of performing arts are the castrati. While I had heard stories of the practice and often thought it would make an interesting subject for a short play, I did not expect to find such an interesting take on the topic by coincidence. Using dark humour, multiple languages and colorful storytelling, Rinkel gives us a character who's gender expression is almost as interesting as his bittersweet outlook on life. I could easily see this monologue being the highlight of a short play festival.
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    12 Nov. 2017
    I had the pleasure of being a part of a staged reading for this show. Upon reading it preemptively, I fell in love with each character individually in a unique way. I assumed that the rose-colored glasses I had for this show would come off after hearing it out loud, but I was wrong. This show is packed full of fascinating content. Gonzalez gives a nuanced and thoughtful message about the state of the US and our penal system, but never compromises his enticing storyline to do so. I highly recommend this script for any reader.