Recommended by Straton Rushing

  • The Home for Retired Canadian Girlfriends
    5 Oct. 2019
    Running across plays like this makes me wish I owned a publishing company. This show is original, hilarious and takes several unexpected turns. Bavoso killed it.
  • DRAGON SLAYERS: Quest for the Egg of Armagon
    5 Oct. 2019
    When I went to the Midwest Dramatists Conference, I couldn't walk away with an absolute 'favorite play' because I heard so many awesome stories.

    But I can say without a doubt nothing made me smile, laugh or held my attention as well as what Carter did here. This is my favorite short comedy I've read in a while. Plus as a young writer, I love the use of modern geek culture. Awesome play.
  • Through the Darkest of Stars, Toward the Brightest of Futures
    5 Oct. 2019
    The characters are original, the world is fascinating, the plot is a fun take on old-school structure. Adams has a very fun piece here worth taking a look at.
    5 Oct. 2019
    I know I'm just one voice of many praising this show, but Rachel did it again with this one! It's sharp, witty, very original and unflinching. I didn't see anything coming and I wasn't ready for the ending. Great work here.
  • Lost, yet Forever Here
    5 Oct. 2019
    This show has a really interesting balance- because, on one hand, it has a real 'slice of life' quality that draws in the reader. However, every line is purposeful, candid and honest.

    Esposito packs a lot of character development and a lot of story in a short, moving play. Worth a read for sure.
  • Make Way
    5 Oct. 2019
    A fascinating and human take on a "burning books" dystopia. While not a new concept it does offer new perspectives and moments of truth that aren't present in a more politically driven "Farenheit 451"-type story.

    Osmundsen has teased expanding this world into a longer piece and I hope he does. Either way, this is a short you won't want to miss.
  • P. Lay
    17 Jul. 2019
    This one one of the most original, hilarious and interesting 10 minutes I've had the pleasure of reading in awhile. Salant never shies away from "going there" with his shows and this is no exception.
  • End of the Line: a Bonnie and Clyde Play
    4 Jul. 2019
    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rossi personally before we switched plays to critique. When he handed me a "Bonnie and Clyde" play, I expected certain things. The romanticism of crime, rose-colored glasses for the past, perhaps a cliche misunderstood love story. That was not what I read. Rossi takes the folk heroes of B & C and tells a much more honest, raw and most likely accurate depiction of their life of crime. On top of this, he implores 2 narrator characters to great effect and makes very creative use of his large cast.
  • when a whale falls
    9 Jun. 2019
    Chavez packs a punch in a very short show, very moving and original.
    7 Jan. 2019
    Monologues are generally in Asher's wheelhouse and this is no exception. This show is a hard-to-read gritty breakdown from a veteran suffering from PTSD. It never delves into melodramatic territory but shows the breakdown so many men face after having to face the horrors of war. Very effective.