Recommended by Lainie Vansant

  • Conquistadores
    4 Dec. 2023
    Florez tackles a difficult issue with care in this lovely piece. Very nicely done!
  • Escalator to the Gallows (a monologue)
    16 Nov. 2023
    A juicy monologue and a fun twist all in just two minutes! This piece is darkly comedic without being hopeless. Check it out!
  • {AV:VR:RL}
    29 Oct. 2023
    This play takes the traditional concerns of naturalistic family drama and elevates them with digital interference that slowly encroaches on the real world. That is to say... if the world we know is really 'real' in the first place. There are lots of juicy roles, and Sklenar takes each character seriously. This is lovely work that is worth digging into.
  • For a Limited Time Only
    10 Oct. 2023
    The BREAD! OMG! This piece is hilarious and eerie -- Prillaman has deftly set up an absurd situation with enough of an eye to practical solutions to make it all possible in a real, live theater. At its heart, this is a play about two people in love, but there is also so much bread. It's a trip, and you should take it.
  • the day we were born
    23 Sep. 2023
    This play is pure poetry. Bates explores the heartbreaking experiences of these characters on both a global and a personal scale, leaving the play with a lot of important issues to explore and digest.
  • In Every Generation
    22 Sep. 2023
    "Ritual is tradition, but it's also time travel." What a beautiful start to this beautiful play. Viterbi tackles the mystical with humanity and grace in this piece. It's heart wrenching and lovely, and I wish I could see it live.
  • 27 Short Plays About Being Murdered in a Hotel by ABBA
    16 Sep. 2023
    What a trip! This is an absurdist romp through genres that will be great fun for both production teams and audiences.
  • The People You Meet in Heaven
    15 Sep. 2023
    A relatable experience with a creative bent. This is so fun!
  • Dark and Stormy
    15 Sep. 2023
    A great script for spooky season. Gotta love that poetic justice.
  • A Minute Past Midnight on Valentine's Day, or, the Untold Truth about Romantics [a 1-minute play]
    15 Sep. 2023
    Utter heartbreak in one minute. Gorgeous.