Recommended by Lainie Vansant

  • Blaxploitation
    13 Jul. 2024
    Who knew something could be this thoughtful and also this fun! "Blaxploitation" has zombies and metatheatricality and over-active goofiness, but its message is deep and thought-provoking. Check it out!
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do Right (Monologue)
    12 Jul. 2024
    What a fun, flexible monologue! The interlocutor is clearly defined, making this a great piece to help an actor practice working with an invisible partner. Have some fun with this!
  • Support
    9 Jul. 2024
    Don't mind me -- just sitting here trying not to bawl in the middle of a coffee shop. This is beautiful and vulnerable and lovely work for two AFAB actors, perfect for a ten minute play festival.
  • What Baggage
    8 Jul. 2024
    Man, I love an uninhibited older lady, and this play delivers on that front! The dialogue here is smart and snappy with characters talking past one another and not quite hearing what the other is saying, which makes Evelyn and Virgil feel like real people on the page.
  • Before We Were Bake Sale Pies (3 Min Play)
    7 Jul. 2024
    This play isn't a haiku, but it feels like one -- like each word has been carefully chosen for this one specific moment. Lovely.
  • Captain Murica and the Right Wing Squad
    4 Jul. 2024
    I was drawn in by the title, and it did not disappoint! Sometimes the best way to face a big issue is with laughter, and that's the gift Hernandez-Roulet has given us with this hilarious little play. Actors and designers would have a blast bringing this to life -- check it out!
  • Civics
    4 Jul. 2024
    Maximillian Gill isn't pulling punches in this somewhat absurdist look at the US social system. And the immigration system. And how we make art. It's all absurd, really, and many of us are part of the problem.
  • Fireworks
    4 Jul. 2024
    There's a quiet, focused sincerity here that feels so smart and grounded. Kendall slowly feeds the audience information and uses the titular fireworks to keep the show feeling grounded. This is a great exercise in characters moving at different tempos and would give new playwrights a nice lesson in the craft.
  • The Presidency of William Henry Harrison in Real Time: A 10 Minute Play
    4 Jul. 2024
    This play is so fun -- interesting facts about the presidency, a question about the origin of 'tubby' that I'm not entirely willing to dismiss yet (even if it's not THE reason, it could be A reason, amiright?), and two diametrically opposed but mostly friendly folks. It feels like a light moment of theatre, but it also starts with a very old guy giving an inauguration speech about being very old and works in "The backbone of our nation is the peaceful transition of power," and those things -- shall we say -- hit a little different at the moment.
  • Awesome Possum
    1 Jul. 2024
    First off, I learned what didelphidae means. That was fun. Secondly, Keel does a great job here giving the audience just enough information to understand the heart of this story without throwing a lot of exposition out right off the bat. This is a great chance for a dad-type actor to get into his feelings. In a lot of ways, it's simply magical.