Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
    26 Apr. 2022
    Saw a Zoom reading of this play and it moved like it was on the Autobahn with hungry predators nipping at its heels. A fun and scary ride with a gut punch that will make your audience sit up, lean forward, laugh, and sigh. Fine work.
  • Oubliette
    10 Dec. 2021
    Oubliette is several different fresh and valuable things all at once: It is a story about love that is not a "love story." It is a clarifying guide to an under-explored corner of mental health. It is a theatrical and relatable demonstration of how we fight with our demons. Sickles shows us what it means to be a prisoner who can still take comfort in seeing the stars shine in the heavens above his pit. Plum roles for actors. A moving and useful experience for the audience.
  • We Are A Masterpiece
    2 Nov. 2021
    A beautiful ensemble play, accessible and moving. At its center is an ordinary person who sacrifices much because she has decided that the difficult thing is the right thing to do. It's easy for us to look back to the dawn of AIDS and see the need for someone like the heroine Joan, but Femia throws us into the maelstrom of those days so we may appreciate how and why the helpless were abandoned. It's a remarkable exploration of that moment in time, and is relevant to any time when there is struggle between fear and compassion. Wonderful work.
    26 Oct. 2021
    A highly relatable coming of age story with a theme rarely given the attention it deserves: the impact on a teenager as she becomes "beautiful" with all the baggage and danger that quality attracts in our culture. Bradbeer's vividly drawn characters take us on a journey that is absorbing and enlightening. This is a useful story for our times.
    26 Oct. 2021
    Bradbeer's script delves into weighty issues confidently, entertainingly, with seeming effortlessness and with the human impact always front and center. She balances the characters, their struggles, and the issues at hand with such skill that the audience never gets ahead of the play. The final moments are unpredictable and altogether satisfying.
  • The Known Universe (Part Three of The Second World Trilogy)
    24 Sep. 2021
    A loving non-traditional family faces the literal end of the world. It's a profile in courage and empathy and the making of hard, healthy choices, which is resonant all on its own while providing a satisfying finish to Sickles's ambitious trilogy. In part 3, the playwright reveals hidden moments from parts 1 and 2, quickly and entertainingly catching up the audiences who didn't see them, while delighting those who did.
  • Egypt
    7 Sep. 2021
    A devastating monologue, and the Housebound Series performance for Mind The Gap Theatre is easily findable on YouTube. Check it out. What stays with me most is the sense of utter isolation that O'Grady expresses through the protagonist. It is both visceral and poetic.
  • The Boy Who Woke Up and No One Knew Him
    27 Jun. 2021
    An elegant short play about raw emotion and how scary it can be. The playwright presents us with a puzzle and then provides us with the solution which is so simple and so deep. We are left glimpsing the yawning chasm between Ian and his former life, and also glimpsing the new world dawning inside him.
  • And Be Gay
    27 Jun. 2021
    Charming, visually memorable, funny and fun. IMHO, also deeper than it may appear. The dialogue hints towards violence, summons memories of Charlottesville. Buried, unspoken anger and fear charge the humor driving this story, and Cathro leads us, quickly and skillfully, to a glorious catharsis.
  • EVERYDAY AVIATION: A Play for Videoconference
    5 Jun. 2021
    I love that this play conjures magic from the latest technology, and I love that it is, all at once, a coronavirus play, a play set in different times in both the past and the future, and finally an evergreen story of a person at his wit's end finding some comfort and peace. Highly relatable, trippy, fresh and charming.