Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

    18 Jul. 2019
    If all this play did was give you 10 pages of crackling, absurd humor for actors to dig into, that would be more than enough. But Carnes also deftly and accurately paints for us, with that absurdity, the horror of the working world. And to top it off, she gives us an object lesson or three concerning the exercise of power. So much crammed into this absurdly easy-to-produce, creepy and hilarious ten minute play.
  • Frailty, Thy Name
    7 Apr. 2019
    The pivotal choices that Gertrude makes just offstage in Hamlet are here given a spirited examination. Her fall and redemption make for meaty drama and a stunning confrontation scene by Ophelia. Sickles has written a thoughtful and fun "what if?" that fits pretty snugly with the Hamlet we know.
  • Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest
    18 Feb. 2019
    A moving new fairytale for adults that takes us to the places we went when we were young, but translates them for who we are now.
    7 Feb. 2019
    An inspiring celebration of virtue which is both everyday and transcendent. Carnes does so much with so little.
    6 Feb. 2019
    I love this warm and layered portrait of grief.
  • Slicing An Onion
    6 Feb. 2019
    Great build. Great finish. An elegantly powerful monologue.
  • Only Human
    6 Feb. 2019
    Great play! A fresh and insightful take on a story we all know.
  • Composure
    9 Oct. 2018
    Brimming with surprising insights into healthy and unhealthy relationships. A moving play full of genuine characters tackling real issues.
  • Perfecting the Kiss: a mockumentary for the stage
    9 Oct. 2018
    Laugh out loud funny. A treat for anyone who loves theater.
  • The Jinx
    9 Oct. 2018
    Anyone who loves sports will love this play.
    Anyone who loves anyone who loves sports will also love this play.
    Highly recommended.