Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

  • Sugar
    9 Mar. 2024
    Not a beat is wasted in this elegantly written thriller of a 10-minute play. I was fortunate to attend a performance and SUGAR held the audience spellbound while it drew us a map to a necessary and real escape route. Wonderful, useful work! Deserving of many productions.
    2 Mar. 2024
    We adults have been poor stewards of this world, and are leaving our children with a messy future. Floyd-Priskorn nails this reality with a seemingly effortless page of dialogue that makes fairytale monsters appear as quaint and reassuring allies against the horrors that are to come. An elegant and moving one-minute play.
  • RESPECT THE NOSE -a monologue
    29 Feb. 2024
    Respect "RESPECT THE NOSE." It's not just a fascinating exploration of clowning. It's also an inspiring anthem to self-expression, a useful meditation on finding your own voice that is distinct from the culture surrounding you. A great piece for young actors.
  • The Oktavist
    3 Feb. 2024
    Powerful and also subtle. Deeply moving and full of dangers and yet somehow also sweet and funny. In THE OKTAVIST, Gatton masterfully weaves many threads together to satisfying, compelling effect. Deserving of many productions. Bravo!
  • The Time You Were Away (a monologue)
    16 Nov. 2023
    Exquisitely dark. Unquestionably funny. You may laugh, as I did, with a tinge of fear and hysteria. This unsettling play plants its horror in a novel location -- an innocent brain -- where the effects are ever-present and yet always out of reach. A wickedly brilliant betrayal that pays dividends over two lifetimes.
  • Hairdresser on Fire
    12 Oct. 2023
    An excellent and useful play which maps for us how toxic people slip past our defenses, and burrow into our lives. It is leavened with Sickles's signature wit, not the ostentatious, superficial kind, but rather the wise wit that comes from knowing well one's friends and enemies, and oneself. It's the wit that spots and understands all the shades of pain and hope, and calls them out that we may share them. Hairdresser on Fire then sticks the landing, leaving us with the kind of tale that should be taught in high school health classes.
  • Eight Tales of Pedro
    24 Sep. 2023
    Was fortunate to see a production of this play earlier this year. Like a Canterbury Tales or Decameron, this play gives a multi-faceted view of the world, where each tale builds on the ones that came before, widening and deepening our understanding. Garcia then goes a step further, as the tales influence the people who hear them, impacting the journey they are on. Great stuff. Should be produced again.
  • Smile, Baby
    19 Mar. 2023
    Not just a wonderful, powerful one-minute play, but a useful blueprint for a sorely needed bit of empathy the world needs more of.
  • The Age of Understanding or, The Character of Dad
    19 Mar. 2023
    Elegantly moving and universal. What could be more relatable than the relationships Gonzalez explores here? The pains and fears of the child, parent, husband, wife are delved to a surprising depth, and then the playwright confidently lands us with a viscerally satisfying ending. Highly recommend.
    8 Feb. 2023
    And just like that, the princes in the Tower unpack Richard III for us and it hits us hard, all in the space of two pages. This is a mighty little play, and many's the Shakespeare fan that would be well rewarded by taking two minutes to read or watch it.