Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

    24 Nov. 2020
    Great monologue for young actors to stretch themselves on, to create a subtler, more complex character than is usually written for young actors. At the same time, it expands in the hearts of the audience, making us feel all the feels. We hurt for Space Alien Kid, walled off and alone, and we sigh and laugh at how Space Alien Kid builds that wall brick by brick. Thoroughly relatable.
    24 Nov. 2020
    Ah, this is wonderful. An instantly clear universal moment that is made suddenly specific and profound. Without an ounce of preciousness, Wyndham spins a tale that resonates deep in the heart yet is simple enough for a 7 year old to tell.
  • The Language Bear
    8 Nov. 2020
    Scary atmospherics! Twisty horror! Directors, techies and actors will all have a ball exploring the possibilities of this tight and vivid script, in which the simple act of a man getting out of bed in the middle of the night is made shocking, terrifying. An easy-to-produce, quality Halloween tale.
  • Nothing But Thunder
    27 Oct. 2020
    A hilariously bawdy mythic comedy that respects its sources! Pflaster manages to have it all, weaving a compelling exploration of a forgotten chapter in the life of Dionysus while making it easily accessible and almost too much fun.
    12 Sep. 2020
    In 10 pages, Carnes distills the essence of "haunting" and serves it up for us, cold and tasty. This script was chilling just to read; I can only imagine in performance it would be devastating as the dialogue twists ever more menacingly until it lands with an exquisite final flourish.
  • This is Not a Touch Exhibit (a monologue)
    16 Jul. 2020
    An incisive exploration of unexpected love that is both an emotional rush and surprisingly logical. The reasons why the speaker is smitten show us who the speaker is. A gem of a monologue.
  • Rights of Passage
    12 Jul. 2020
    This play is a raw, emotional puzzle that fits together seamlessly. Johnson takes us deeper than the headlines to show us the core heartaches and what they drive people to do. I was lucky to catch Four Walls Theater Company's Zoom performance of "Rights of Passage" and I hope this relevant script has many more.
    3 Jul. 2020
    So many hilarious lines! So much telling deflection! This simply has to be a joy to watch in performance as this couple who know each other so well fight over semantics and cope with a crisis AND hash out their relationship. Carnes gives a kaleidoscopic view of the domestic that glitters brightly.
  • Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
    28 Jun. 2020
    Just saw a Zoom reading of this fresh and gripping play and it was fantastic. Like the best science fiction stories, it shines a light on where we are now and how we got here. With a skewering wit and a confident sense of world history, Lam asks important questions and avoids easy answers. Well deserving of multiple productions.
  • Cockeye(D)
    2 Jun. 2020
    Not just a devastating revenge story. Not just a canny depiction of the claims and counter-claims that come when abuse is alleged. Pflaster here launches a searing investigation into the mutual sexual jealousy between young and old, between vitality and experience.