Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

  • Shylock's Beard
    16 May. 2021
    This play presents the best argument I've ever heard for the continuing relevance of the character Shylock. Set against an enlightening story about the soul-destroying nature of pride, Mazer shows us a protagonist whose descent is entirely believable and relevant to us. While giving fair due to Shakespeare's treatment of Shylock's Jewishness, Mazer's script then delves beneath it to explore Shylock's own individual choices, and what we can learn from them about the mingling of love and money, and the transcendent nature of mercy.
  • Caesar's Blood
    26 Apr. 2021
    Was lucky to catch a Zoom performance and was much impressed with how Rubin conjures this historical moment making it credibly of that time, and also usefully relevant to ours. It is an engrossing backstage drama that is also a vigorous exploration of America's original sin. Worthy of more productions.
    10 Apr. 2021
    Saw a performance of this play 7 years ago and it stays with me, how the Wallpaper was itself another antagonist in the eyes of Jane. Bodine skillfully makes inanimate objects seem sinister, while showing us how the loving treatment of Jane's husband is in fact cruel and torturous. When retribution comes, it is layered, cathartic, satisfying. A plum role.
  • Jagged Journey
    9 Apr. 2021
    Gartner takes us on a theatrically fresh journey through a fascinating world, where people literally negotiate with the unloved parts of themselves they might prefer to forget about. An honest, innovative, well-realized and insightful story that vividly depicts the protagonist's personal struggles while being wholly relatable to audiences. Would love to see a full production.
    9 Mar. 2021
    This is a relatable, useful monologue about setting boundaries and self-care. In a few flourishes Lilly comes into her own and grows healthier. Many audience members will find it empowering, good advice.
  • Sometimes a Sandwich is Just a Sandwich
    7 Mar. 2021
    A treat full of irresistibly funny lines. PB&J are here a believable couple and also denizens of a foodtopia that we immediately understand and enjoy. Naughty sweet fun.
  • Runtime Error
    3 Mar. 2021
    This incisive exploration of power and abuse serves up a compelling and useful answer to the perennial question of why the abused don't leave, don't speak up, don't get out. It avoids redundant moralizing to focus on Tal's internal journey which is both timely and timeless, and a silent reality for all too many women and men. Dramatic, visually dynamic, and engrossing, this script deserves a full production.
  • Pudding
    2 Mar. 2021
    It's always a joy to see the immediacy of live theater used in a way you've never seen it used before. When that innovation is then given emotional resonance, it's all the sweeter. We feel Claudette holding back her pain while the instant pudding sets, and my heart goes out to her.
  • Would You Like Fries With That? (Beauregard and Zeke #2)
    2 Mar. 2021
    Sickles shows us the raw and comical, hot yet sweet moments of sexual awakening in the fumbling experiences of these two endearing boys. They're chowderheads, but at some point most of us were when it came to sex, and to read or watch this play is to go back to those days.
  • DoorDashed
    2 Mar. 2021
    If the last year has felt like being buried in cement, then DoorDashed will show you how plants thrive in between the cracks of a sidewalk. A hugely relatable romance which deftly takes us through the pandemic and weaves an earned tale of love finding a way.