Recommended by Mark Loewenstern

  • Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
    29 May. 2020
    In 10 minutes, Hoke shows us a compelling romance brought to its raw nerve crisis point. Two vulnerable, relatable lovers set against each other, at an impasse. Even if you don't think you're a fan of romances, I'm betting you'll find this one honest, moving and satisfying.
  • Invasion
    28 May. 2020
    A fun fantasy set during the COVID-19 isolation, about silver linings and making connections, and how the world looks different to non-humans. This play provides a much needed relief and raising of spirits.
  • Did I Get You?
    12 May. 2020
    In less than a minute, Sickles gives us several surprises and builds us to a powerful silent moment of communion. Great stuff and easy to produce!
  • Bulletproof Love
    8 Mar. 2020
    A beautifully written two-hander that is also wickedly funny, that also shows us something true about ourselves: We feel things deeper and clearer than our ability to express them. This is something many writers have TOLD us, but I am hard pressed to think of another writer who has SHOWN it to us as elegantly and compellingly as how Scott Sickles shows it to us here.
  • KING KIRBY (co-written with Fred Van Lente)
    13 Feb. 2020
    Love this play. It's surprising and informative to the nerdiest fan while still being accessible to someone who doesn't know Electro from Elektra. A very human story that makes for an uncommonly satisfying evening.
  • American Drum Circle
    9 Feb. 2020
    A remarkable tale about what we think the world owes us, the suffering that leads to, and the way out of that trap. Shealy crafts a seamless story full of authentic characters, compelling scenes, genuine tragedy and earned redemption.
  • Before Lesbians
    3 Feb. 2020
    This play takes our universal human experience of plunging into love's uncharted waters and magnifies it ten times. Gartner shows us so clearly how unprepared Charlotte and Vivian are for their love, how overwhelmed they are by it, how their whole world denies it, and that makes their struggle for it all the more compelling. Highly recommend!
  • A Touch of Cinema
    3 Feb. 2020
    A seamlessly crafted political thriller. I was lucky to see this play live and was captivated by its power. Pflaster shows us what tyranny looks like when it's dressed up to look like just another party. A Touch of Cinema deserves more productions!
  • The Underpants Godot
    3 Feb. 2020
    This is a smart, fun, and provocative show, which both deeply honors and hilariously spoofs Beckett. It's also a wickedly blunt love letter to the theater and to comedy in general, telling some hard truths that you may not hear anywhere else. I've seen this show more than once and would see it again. It's had quite a few productions and deserves many more.
  • Garters
    3 Feb. 2020
    Love this play! It's got everything. Knights, rogues, spies, magic, action, romance, riddles and fun characters who live outside their expected roles. It deserves more productions and now seems like the perfect moment for this story.