Recommended by Kate Busselle

  • The Wine Vignettes
    20 May. 2022
    This play is sexy, hot, and drunk in the best way. The Wine Vignettes was a riveting play to read, especially to see how each of the femme characters coped with different crises in their lives. As an intimacy specialist and wine enthusiast, this play absolutely spoke to me. A great read!
  • landscape
    20 May. 2022
    This play showcases excellence in feminist playwriting, roles for women/femme/queer/non-binary characters, and characters of color, but this play is also incredibly innovative in its structure and use of climbing pitches as a format for its dramatic text. This play reckons with a continuously evolving landscape of queer identity in both rock climbing and the community formerly known as Boystown in Chicago. The structure of the piece is stacked similar to that of The Wolves, but is also it's own form entirely. A fantastic ensemble piece and a MUST read!
  • Tough
    20 May. 2022
    This play is a wonderful work that features significant roles for college age women. For anyone who has seen shows like "Scared Straight" or heard about kids being sent away to wilderness camp to be "rehabilitated" into societal norms, this play highlights how flawed and damaging these programs can be. An excellent work for colleges and universities to produce!
  • Earworm
    9 Mar. 2022
    As a movement specialist, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this play! Not only does this play showcase relatable characters, but also provides interesting challenges in terms of actors playing anthropomorphic personifications of songs! A beautiful story of how songs impact us and make us deal with truths about ourselves. Colleges and universities should seek this play out for production!
    9 Mar. 2022
    Not only was this play delightful to read, but the story of Sophia Hayden proves to be absolutely fascinating! Walker handles the delicate balance of historical information with plot beautifully, and also conveys the challenges faced by women during the era...especially within the confines of a sanitorium. A wonderful ensemble piece to share a story lost to history!
  • M-Theory: a play told in 11 dimensions
    9 Mar. 2022
    This play is an absolutely wild ride for three dynamic actors. I appreciate the way that Brandli has chosen to tackle a subject that might be difficult for some to comprehend and a genre that is not often seen on our stages and make it accessible through her compelling story and dynamic relationships. I would love to see this work on stage!
  • Love I AWETHU Further
    30 Jul. 2021
    I had the absolute joy of reading this play and thrilled it was selected as the winner of the Student Jane Chambers Playwriting Competition. This play exemplifies all of the goals of this competition and rises head and shoulders above the rest in style, form, and story. While it is inspired by Julius Caesar, Love I Awethu Further is revolutionary in its showcasing of black love (physical and emotional) and its poetic structure. Produce this script immediately!
  • En Las Sombras
    30 Jul. 2021
    I had the absolute joy of reading this play for the Student Jane Chambers Playwriting Competition. En Las Sombras is compelling, beautifully told, and is an exemplary work for feminist values and roles for women and queer folx. This play speaks to the heart of the issue of detention centers at the border through the use of allegory, metaphor, and cultural references. A brilliant work!
  • Arcade
    30 Jul. 2021
    I had the absolute joy of reading this play for the Student Jane Chambers Playwriting Competition. Arcade's magic and whimsy only intensifies the sinking feeling the reader gets when the plot fully unfolds. The creative implementation of video game technology and auditory distortion only heighten the feeling of being trapped in a fun house within the world of the play. A wonderfully inventive piece that I cannot wait to see produced!
  • Rx Machina
    21 Jun. 2021
    This play is exemplary in breaking down the complexities of big pharma’s influence in the opioid epidemic. Rx Machina shows moments of the machine grinding people to dust and the chain reaction that causes the reader to scream at the page for those with the most power to pay attention. A fascinating read for those who enjoyed films like "Spotlight" or docuseries like "How to Fix a Drug Scandal."