Recommended by Kate Busselle

  • Fireflies
    1 Mar. 2021
    This play is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. I couldn't stop reading this play. Complex characters, fascinating storytelling devices, and centering a trans man and queer relationship in the storyline. If you liked "The Big Sick," you'll love this play because it's even better. WONDERFUL script.
  • SWEET SPOT: The Fleeting Glory of Althea Gibson and Angela Buxton
    1 Mar. 2021
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this work and was absolutely touched by the friendship between the two characters. This is a story that has been long lost to history books, and white supremacy and prejudice were likely factors. A wonderful play featuring excellent roles for women and centering a Black tennis icon.
  • Webster's Bitch (Full-Length)
    28 Feb. 2021
    I am OBSESSED with this play. As a feminist word nerd, this play ticked all the boxes and tickled me to my core. Fantastic female characters. The dialogue is sharp, fast, and hilarious. Absolutely going on my must-direct bucket list!
    28 Feb. 2021
    I. LOVE. THIS. PLAY. It is gorgeously cinematic, dynamic, and addictive. The characters are robust and experience major shifts throughout the play. The use of multiple languages flows with the work perfectly, and in Susanna's case, packs an extra punch of comedy for those who are clued in. The ending provides twists and turns you wouldn't expect, and the diversity of the cast absolutely shines. A great work!
  • Coping with Autumn
    28 Feb. 2021
    This play is a heavy, heavy play and sticks with you like glue. The story is captivating and would be an excellent ensemble piece for those looking for a femme-heavy college-aged work on a budget for production. The themes are timely, the conflict/characters dynamic, and the catharsis absolutely earned. A great play for scene study/ensemble work!
  • The Locusts
    28 Feb. 2021
    I love, love, love this play. The characters are completely relatable and I identified/empathized with each of them at varying points of the play. If you are looking for an interesting, funny, sad, dark, touching play for four dyamic actors, look no further than Halcyon. An excellent text for scene study classes and colleges/universities.
  • Above the Fold
    28 Feb. 2021
    As a fan of historical plays, this one absolutely captivated me. The characters all feel full and vibrant, and I loved the questionable journalistic ethics sprinkled throughout the work. Compelling dialogue, intriguing story, and overall a beautiful play. Definitely going on my directing bucket list!
    2 Feb. 2021
    Thoroughly enjoyed this work. Challenges the audience/reader along with finding ways to make you laugh in the discomfort of conflict. A great scene study piece for acting students!
  • Behind the Sheet
    2 Feb. 2021
    A heartbreaking depiction of the often forgotten (and often concealed) historical breakthroughs that enslaved black women contributed to. An important play that should be added to any exploration of science, ethics, and informed consent. This play will haunt you and break your heart each time you think of it after reading. Highly recommend.
  • Biodegradable Seagulls
    28 Jan. 2021
    This play is perfect for those who want to do a contemporary eco-friendly riff on Waiting for Godot. Interesting challenges for actors and directors alike for how to make this show a reality. Charming dialogue and tender, sentimental moments are interspersed with well-placed comedy. Highly recommend!