Recommended by Kate Busselle

  • Blue
    21 Jun. 2021
    This play is one that made my chest feel tight and was incredibly relatable to the arguments Mia and Jay engage in. This script engages in the challenges of finding your other half but it not always being a better half and the challenges of loving through mental illness. A riveting showcase of queer relationships and the struggles we face behind closed doors.
  • Sancocho
    21 Jun. 2021
    This play has the unique distinction of making me RAVENOUS just from reading it! A beautiful snapshot into the home of Caridad and Renata and their challenges as family with the healing power of food. If you liked the movies "Chef" and "Big Night," you're going to love this play.
  • sad girl hours
    21 Jun. 2021
    This play is a master class in creating authentic teenage dialogue and highlighting the best of queer friendships (and more-than-friendships). This play is poignant as a coming of age story and has comedic moments that make you flash back to your own teenage antics! A great work for college campuses to produce and use in scene study courses!
  • Radial Gradient
    21 Jun. 2021
    This play is an incredible work that showcases the complexities around race, academia, power dynamics, experimental ethics, and Greek life. As a reader, I couldn't stop flipping the pages and absolutely devoured this script. A MUST produce for college campuses and definitely going on my directing bucket list!
    7 Jun. 2021
    This play absolutely values feminist perspectives and simultaneously challenges notions of what it means to be Asian (or not Asian enough), Hollywood’s whitewashing of films from other parts of the world, and the patriarchal setup of film studios. Interspersed with wonderful songs, this is a work that will captivate your audience! A must read!
  • Juggernaut
    7 Jun. 2021
    This play lives up to the title—it is a true juggernaut! As a violence and intimacy designer, I am always on the hunt for complex femmes that fight. Female MMA fighters are not a topic usually covered in the theatrical realm, and the carefully constructed conflict builds to a cathartic climax that takes one’s breath away. This play truly “fights” against notions of what it means to be a “good” girl and a “good” fighter. A great play!
  • SWAY
    14 May. 2021
    This play was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. It left me absolutely breathless when I finished reading. This play beautifully eviscerates influencer culture!
  • What Happened While Hero Was Dead
    8 Apr. 2021
    I love this play so much! As a Shakespeare nerd and feminist, I love the sexual awakening of Hero and her feminist awakening fighting against the period, culture, and norms of the period. A fabulous work for college students to sink their teeth into for movement and physical comedy while also creating emotionally complex journeys. A wonderful play! It's going on my directing bucket list.
  • Enda and Oona
    5 Apr. 2021
    This play takes you on twists and turns! A delightful challenge for a small ensemble with beautifully vulnerable and awkward characters searching for the meaning of baking, love, intimacy, acting, and healthy boundaries. This poses both juicy, complex characters with technological challenges for the production team. A MUST read and a MUST produce!
  • Patriarch
    3 Apr. 2021
    This play is such an interesting read and structure! I felt my chest tighten through the entirety of the first act as the characters enact wonderfully realistic family tension and bickering. Then...all hell (no pun intended) breaks loose. This play will make you question what is real, what is the stuff of nightmares, and what happens in our lives that are at the intersection of real nightmares. You will devour this play!