Recommended by Kate Busselle

  • Almost Maimed
    28 Jan. 2021
    I had the delight of seeing this work performed and it PERFECTLY skewers John Cariani's work while also peppering Artaudian grotesque theatre. A delightfully fun challenge for actors, propsmasters, and costumers alike! Highly recommend.
  • The OMNILVX Method
    28 Jan. 2021
    This particular script HAUNTS me (in the best way). Sklenar has created complex, thoughtful characters in a reimagined but not-so-unfamiliar world of cults and cult mentality. A particularly delicious twist towards the end. Highly recommend!
  • Hairy Girls Face the End of the World
    17 May. 2020
    This play is a delightful, zippy challenge to patriarchal norms in the face of a global pandemic. It is a wonderful view into the conversations women roommates have behind closed doors and was a joy to read. A great 10-minute play!