Recommended by Emily Hageman

  • Corona with ICE
    16 Jun. 2021
    Concise, powerful, chilling. Gonzalez wields his pen like a scalpel and cuts right into the core with just one page. Incredible work as always.
  • Chase
    14 Jun. 2021
    This is an amazing piece and I was gutted by this. Amazing. A true masterpiece of a wordless performance that communicates so much.
  • Message of Pain
    14 Jun. 2021
    Amazing. All heart, all beauty, all power. I expect these things of Partain, and she more than delivers every time. Chilling, powerful, beautiful, frightening. I love this piece.
  • Microwave
    12 Jun. 2021
    I absolutely love this play. O'Grady's personification plays are such a delight. What I love about this play is it has so much humor, but so much heart. Truly, only O'Grady could make you go "awww" over a play about a microwave!
  • Evening Prayers
    9 May. 2021
    A wonderful, wonderful play--a true roadmap to how a mother should be to her girls. Written with such love by a playwright who clearly respects women deeply. A quick read and a wonderful, heartwarming treat.
  • The Quilt
    8 May. 2021
    A truly beautiful collection of monologues opened with a poetic like structure. It's powerful, personal, honest, and it comes from so many perspectives. This is a wonderful piece that deserves not only to be read, but performed widely.
  • Kevorkian's Cat
    30 Mar. 2021
    Tender and fascinating, this play unfolds with beautiful poignancy. There's a lot of layers to every single character, including the cat. Beautifully written and deeply memorable.
  • God Chooses Arkansas
    29 Mar. 2021
    A sharp, funny take on those who take sports just a little bit too seriously. A poignant monologue at the end ties the entire piece together in a delicious morsel of dark comedy.
  • I Can't Ride Trains Anymore
    27 Oct. 2020
    Powerful, beautiful, frightening. It shakes you to your very core and forces you to live in someone else's shoes. This monologue should be a must read and a must see for everyone alive.
  • Abundance
    7 Aug. 2020
    Brilliant! I love this. Who knew that I could empathize with a virus??? Hopefully the coronavirus will soon be alone, but until then, we can enjoy this brilliant, short play!