Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • Off the Map
    20 May. 2022
    A startling discovery in the jungle which causes each character to question themselves, turns assumptions over for each character. Riveting and relatable, this is a true gem. An amazing play on what we need vs what we think we need.
  • The Bear - Beginnings
    23 Mar. 2022
    What begins as an almost Pinocchio like tale of a bear maker's workshop, to a bear's eye view of the horrors of war, and of those we have loved and lost. What a gem!
    11 Jan. 2022
    This powerful monologue gets to the heart of a woman torn by bad circumstances, difficult choices, and the lack of understanding and support she so needs. It is a roller coaster ride of emotion, both desperate and trying to remain strong, as Wanda walks the tightrope of her decision. A great piece that can move the audience to tears.
  • A Murder of Crows
    21 Nov. 2021
    Here's a terrific short play for two older actors. Touching on life's irritations, encouraging family members, mortality, love, and the journey of a couple are all rolled into a well written, well paced piece that will entertain and touch the heart.
  • Amongst the Stars
    27 May. 2021
    Here’s a lovely two handed that evokes the power of love and how bound together lovers are. Sad and poignant, it will resonate with your audience. Appropriate for any age adult couple. Produce it. It’s a gem.
  • The Audition
    1 May. 2021
    Friends and rivals face off in this intense 2 hander for mature women. This has some really great emotional turns for both. I just watched this livestream, and it’s entertaining and thought provoking.
    26 Apr. 2021
    Here's a charming play that reminds us that love never dies, that we can find romance even in our twilight years. A great opportunity for 2 mature actors. It's funny and uplifting, and left me smiling.
  • "It's All About Me"
    17 Mar. 2021
    This powerful monologue is about being subsumed by relationship, and wanting to feel that sense of self again. I felt her pain, her longing for individuality, and her self awareness of her own peril. It is poignant, and has a quiet desperation that makes for a layered, rich exercise for the actor. I would love to see this at an audition.
  • James of Nazareth
    17 Mar. 2021
    The story of Jesus and his brother James, and mother Mary, and their relationship is retold from the perspective of James, with a real family, and real relationships, squabbles, misunderstandings, and disappointments. Seen through James' eyes, it casts a new and distinct perspective on this well known, oft told story. Not preachy or an attempt to sway, it is a great new take on a story we think we all know.
  • Inflatable Fools
    17 Mar. 2021
    This is a real gem! A perfect example that hell is what you make of it, and in a different and totally relatable way. And it's funny while doing it. Audiences will love this.