Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • House Church
    29 Mar. 2024
    If you love a good locked room drama, here’s a good one. What starts out an innocent get together devolves into life or death stakes, with a huge helping of religious debate.
  • Women Like Us
    27 Mar. 2024
    Dan Taube's ability to write women's voices both true and real is inspiring. These women struggle with their pasts, their relationships, and ultimately their efforts to rise above and move on. This is a powerful story of multiple generations, and each one's struggles, successes and failures. Brilliant, emotional, and cathartic. Read it. Produce it.
  • Home Truth (Ten Minute)
    27 Mar. 2024
    Immobility in the face of opposing views on how to handle a relationship create a heart wrenching conversation between sisters who love each other. Where power and resistance meet, these women face off with ultimately the same determination, both longing for a resolution but unable to agree. A testament to the love of siblings, and the repercussions of choices made long ago. Moving and tragic in its futility.
  • Penelope: A Lesson in Drowning
    27 Mar. 2024
    Taking a greek tale and giving it the perspective of an autistic Princess creates a mystical and yet classic twist to this love story. Penelope's ability to abandon the safe life she has so carefully constructed to risk loving and being loved speaks through time. A wonderful and theatrical piece!
    11 Feb. 2024
    If you've ever been frustrated by poor customer service and crazy store policies, then this play is for you. I found myself smiling, then eye-rolling, then laughing out loud. Fun and silly, it will speak to anyone who has ever been caught up in the death spiral that is retail at its worst. Produce it. It's absurd and fun and will leave your audience sharing their crazy experiences.
  • DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD, a 10-minute comedy for five actors
    31 Jan. 2024
    Roses fun and funny battle between trying to eat healthy and the fat, sugar, and salty foods she loves is something we all relate to, especially when it’s a new years resolution. Casey faces off against her favorite bad choices, and trying to eat better. Who will win? I laughed out loud throughout. It’s a fun piece for the actors as well. Who doesn’t want to play melting ice cream? Produce it. It’s sure to be a hit.
  • Fly Away Home
    3 Nov. 2023
    An engaging and at times, tragic play of the words that might have been said between Wright and Cheney. Intense, moving, and well written, this would be an amazing production of two men going head to head over their shared love of a woman, dealing with celebrity, and what awaits them when they arrive at Talliesin. Brava.
  • Margot's Bench
    28 Sep. 2023
    This murderous monologue has the most wonderful twists and turns. I was riveted. This is a wonderful piece for an actor, with everything you want in a good monologue, and a most satisfying ending.
  • Arsenic Is Too Obvious
    28 Sep. 2023
    This is a wonderful monologue of the innermost thoughts we all have about our spouses sometime. Those unspoken days of frustration or anger or worse yet BOREDOM with our significant other is wonderfully captured in Lindsey Brown's fun piece. After all, who doesn't dream of getting rid of their spouse...sometime? Read it. Produce it. Just don't actually follow through from it!
  • The 19 1/2 Deaths of Dung Beetle-Man
    16 Jun. 2023
    This funny and fun play is a little like the old Batman series, campy, over the top, and silly in a good way. A superhero and a supervillain. Who will win? Should someone win? This play will leave you pondering the meaning of life especially when you have a nemesis. Absurd and funny!