Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • Fly Away Home
    3 Nov. 2023
    An engaging and at times, tragic play of the words that might have been said between Wright and Cheney. Intense, moving, and well written, this would be an amazing production of two men going head to head over their shared love of a woman, dealing with celebrity, and what awaits them when they arrive at Talliesin. Brava.
  • Margot's Bench
    28 Sep. 2023
    This murderous monologue has the most wonderful twists and turns. I was riveted. This is a wonderful piece for an actor, with everything you want in a good monologue, and a most satisfying ending.
  • Arsenic Is Too Obvious
    28 Sep. 2023
    This is a wonderful monologue of the innermost thoughts we all have about our spouses sometime. Those unspoken days of frustration or anger or worse yet BOREDOM with our significant other is wonderfully captured in Lindsey Brown's fun piece. After all, who doesn't dream of getting rid of their spouse...sometime? Read it. Produce it. Just don't actually follow through from it!
  • The 19 1/2 Deaths of Dung Beetle-Man
    16 Jun. 2023
    This funny and fun play is a little like the old Batman series, campy, over the top, and silly in a good way. A superhero and a supervillain. Who will win? Should someone win? This play will leave you pondering the meaning of life especially when you have a nemesis. Absurd and funny!
  • The System
    16 Jun. 2023
    Can we read the outcome of a trial based on how the cross examination works, or how long the jury takes to deliberate? This tense waiting game that the defendant goes through has an energy packed arc of anticipation, dread, and game play. Does he make the right choice: take the plea deal or wait for the verdict?
    11 Jun. 2023
    This scathing indictment of corporate greed rings true while being a fun and theatrical romp. The characters call out the absurdity of corporate policies towards their low level workers in a riveting fast paced banter. So many possibilities for an entertaining production. Imaginative and relevant.
    7 Apr. 2023
    Oh the crazy things friends will do for each other. This is a terrific two hander for ladies of a certain age and a wicked sense of humor. I’d love to see it at a festival!
  • I Have No Words
    29 Jan. 2023
    You cannot understand what the people are going through from listening to the news, but this string of text messages creates a stark and emotional monologue that will leave you breathless and in tears. It is emotional and raw, with the perspective of youth and innocence destroyed by a madman's unrelenting attempts to overtake her homeland. Her unwavering devotion to her country, her suffering, her determination and frankness will bring a new perspective to this conflict. Powerful, shocking, and enlightening.
  • Cupcake
    17 Jan. 2023
    Be careful who you bully! Jarrod has found a way to deal with him that is a gasp worthy twist, and the play has a great last line. This play would be perfect for a Halloween or horror fest. The audience will squirm in their seats!
  • A Certain Pedigree
    15 Jan. 2023
    What a lovely dog-gone play! Really though, it is a wonderful way to teach tolerance, and I'd love to see it done for Theater for Young Audiences. Acceptance, belonging, supporting, and encouraging all wrapped into ten minutes.