Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • Blood on the Snow
    30 Sep. 2022
    For us, history is a concrete story of winners and losers but Patrick Gabridge shows us through Blood On The Snow how both sides had a story, a choice to make, with incredibly high stakes that reverberated through time. Hearing the worry, the stakes of their decisions, and the justified fears of repercussions brings history out of a dry tome and into our world. We feel their desires, understand their yearning for safety, for doing the right thing, for a solution that is just. History truly comes alive.
  • THE DATING POOL, a one-act play for 5 women plus optional additional characters
    28 Sep. 2022
    Who we are changes as we live our lives, and looking back at what we were, our mistakes, and who we want to be can be difficult. In this wonderful play, a recent widow must decide whether or not to jump back into the dating pool. It's funny, and insightful, as these women argue and learn from one another. A terrific piece full of theatricality and inspiration.
  • Eden 2
    23 Aug. 2022
    God is patient. But only so patient. And after everything is said and done, this final discussion with God and the last of humankind is funny, insightful, and pays off at the end. A fun play, a fun idea, and a fun script!
  • The House of Flightless Birds
    22 Aug. 2022
    This moving one act about brothers, family, and heartbreak is a riveting drama worth reading and producing. We are all a little broken, and our brokenness often hurts those we love most.
  • To the Class of Miskatonic University 2022
    14 Aug. 2022
    This terrific dark comedy is along the lines of HBO's The Boys or Lovecraft. Dark, shocking, and yet you can't look away. What a fun monologue for a festival! This will definitely get everyone's attention.
  • "It's All About Me"
    14 Aug. 2022
    Losing your sense of self in a relationship is what so many of us feel. This wonderful monologue captures that feeling of loss of self as an independent person, and wondering what if I was just me again. A great vehicle for an actor!
  • Come in for Coffee?
    13 Aug. 2022
    Miscommunication makes for a fun late night of foreplay misses in a coffee shop. Will they or won’t they? It’s comedy. It’s romance. But above all, it’s fun.
    13 Aug. 2022
    How can you not love the assumptions of a young, self important influencer, and an older woman who schools her? This is a deliciously fun 10 minutes.
    13 Aug. 2022
    This is a great piece for an actor to show their range as a staffing recruiter who leaves pat messages until the final try where honesty and cynicism explode in a rant and a statement of our time.
  • GOING HOME, a 10-minute drama for two actors, any gender
    14 Jul. 2022
    This moving play of a couple’s final day together is real, raw, and emotional in the best way possible. It brought me to tears. An actor’s delight and your audience will relate on a personal level.