Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • James of Nazareth
    17 Mar. 2021
    The story of Jesus and his brother James, and mother Mary, and their relationship is retold from the perspective of James, with a real family, and real relationships, squabbles, misunderstandings, and disappointments. Seen through James' eyes, it casts a new and distinct perspective on this well known, oft told story. Not preachy or an attempt to sway, it is a great new take on a story we think we all know.
  • Inflatable Fools
    17 Mar. 2021
    This is a real gem! A perfect example that hell is what you make of it, and in a different and totally relatable way. And it's funny while doing it. Audiences will love this.
  • FOR LOVE OR MONEY (from the MAD FOR MYSTERY Collection)
    6 Mar. 2021
    Here's a fun radio play with a nice twist. Vivian Lermond's small British town's sister sleuths are on the case, and are charming while doing it. Simple sound effects and a manageable cast size make this an easy and fun show to produce.
  • Cuarto # Cuatro (Room # Four)
    11 Feb. 2021
    What a beautiful and disturbing magical play. This story of love, guilt, and longing sweep us up and carry us through a daughter’s longing, guilt, and a Mother’s pain. I cried. A beautiful piece of writing. A great ensemble piece.
    1 Feb. 2021
    What a fun story! This older couple talk to each other with the kind of banter that decades together brings. And the husband’s refusal to accept that he can no longer do things makes for a fun situation all around. A great festival piece that will leave the audience smiling.
  • Fireworks
    1 Feb. 2021
    This play is a tightly woven tale of that tension that arises when you are leaving a job and your fellow workers realize what they stand to lose. Add the tension of a fireworks display mixing with new discoveries going off like bombshells, this story sweeps us up and delivers with all the drama a good story can have. A great ensemble piece.
  • THE EQUIVALENT OF SENSATION, full-length play for 5 Women
    8 Dec. 2020
    Equivalent of Sensation introduces us to Etta and Claribel Cone, and their complicated lifelong friendship, Etta’s attraction to, and competition with Gertrude Stein and her lover Alice B Toklas. The play is a beautifully woven tapestry of ghosts recounting lesbian attraction and rejection, prompted by the art collection donated and newly installed in its own special wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Do the colorful people in Etta’s life truly outshine her, or through missed opportunity, do they never truly realize her own deep spender? A fantastic ensemble piece. Every character is written to make them shine.
    21 Nov. 2020
    Floating bubbles is a funny and flirty little romantic play. This comedy balances physical humor and charm in a story that will make you smile.
  • Compelled
    18 Nov. 2020
    Helleson’s play is well named. It is a compelling no holes barred look at the inequity of theatre, towards women, through women, highlighting their struggles as writers, and in seats of power, and the compromises they make to be in the room. It is a roller coaster ride. Read it. Produce it.
  • A Dave with Destiny (Online Version)
    11 Sep. 2020
    Here's an endearing play about seeing someone you know you've seen before. As this couple try to figure out where they might have met, the fact that they have found each other has an unexpected twist! Great dialogue. A fun time for the actors and audience alike.