Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

    5 Jul. 2018
    I stand in awe of this work. This brilliant re imaging of history and these characters who keep talking about wanting such a simple thing as a window in their room. The words and actions become heartbreak itself. None of us can ever apologize for the wrongdoings that were the make up of our history, but by seeing Carnes play on stage, we can hope it opens one heart, one soul, one mind that is able to keep growing and healing to make a better place at the table we call humanity.
  • Better (Short)
    5 Jul. 2018
    One of the funniest plays I've read in years! So truthful even to the point of bringing up a lot memories working on the night shift in my little small town in South Carolina while I was in college. It's raw and funny and just explodes right off the page with such depth of soul and heart. Such great roles for two people. It's one of those plays I could read it again and again and never tire of the situation, dialogue or action. Very well done and so inspiring to me as a writer.
    5 Jul. 2018
    Wow! What a monologue. Valerie is such a great character and would make a dream part for any actor. Her heartbreak and rage are just so perfectly capture and it just made me so sad that the world isn't a safe place for everyone. I'm so impressed with Wyndham's writing and his work. I am a fanboy that's in his corner for good. I was so privileged to have seen his work read live in Kansas and wish I had had that opportunity with this outstanding play. Recommend times fifty!
  • The United Plays of America - Nevada - The Loneliest Road in America
    5 Jul. 2018
    I love this play! The humor and the sisters and their discussions of snakes, ghosts and aliens. The bond between them is so believable and the dialogue is so funny and the action flies by because of it. There's never one false word in this tightly woven gem!! Bravo!
  • Elephants
    4 Jul. 2018
    In this wonderful short play Jordan takes us on such a journey of the imaginative spirit being set free as Sue and her Aunt try to prepare for a birthday party and Sue only wants to talk about Elephants, both of them not dealing with a much more devastating "Elephant" in the room. I am always impressed with the staging of Jordan's plays as much as I am captivated by the wonderful dialogue that's so fresh and real and makes me sit back in awe of her as a writer and take notes of another perfect composition in motion.
    4 Jul. 2018
    I love this play! So funny and so the dialogue so spot on and real. Burdick takes the simple set-up and weaves such a tapestry of themes: men/women relationships, ageism, female sexuality, and commercialism. It had me laughing throughout but as with most well written comedies the true greatness is that through the laughing one can see those deeper pockets of humanity through a smile.
    4 Jul. 2018
    What an exciting and thrilling play and funny and so very timely. The back and forth between the Attendant and Sebastian is so well written and paced that it was causing my stress levels to rise while reading it. Such a great piece of theater and cautionary tale against reaching that next level in the gaming world. I can't wait to read other works by Burdick!
  • To The Grind
    3 Jul. 2018
    To The Grind is such a funny and real-life look at one mans sexual journey as communicated during a voice lesson. Love that the names and descriptions of those lessons already sound so sensual and are coupled with details of 1’s different encounters which left me breathless after finishing this play which isn't a bad thing. Such a great role and compelling journey for a young actor!
  • Donna Orbits the Moon
    3 Jul. 2018
    Breathtakingly poignant piece about forgiveness and coming to terms with loss and that anger of having lost something. August's ending is shocking in its revelation. I did not see it coming and I was glad that I didn't because it made his wonderful play all the more touching and all the more painful. There is so much here to be taken in and then read again for all the wonderful details that one didn't catch the first time through.
  • Curves (a monologue)
    2 Jul. 2018
    I love this monologue! The realistic voice that carries us through one of those situations of every day life moments where we realize we are human. Funny and deeply sensitive to those times in life when we have one of those ah-ha reliazations and settle into some carrhesis that's as good as mac 'n' cheese.