Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • Drill Me, Thrill Me!
    18 Nov. 2018
    I haven't had this much fun at the dentist well since probably never! Stubbles infuses this play with great one liners and comedic timing and I found myself laughing aloud as I read it in the early morning hour. Would make a great addition to any play festival for sure!
    18 Nov. 2018
    Powerful and gut-wrenching. Carnes infuses this ten minute play with such feroicity and pain that I want to stand up and change the world right now and rid it of all the stupid jerk men who are alive and breathing. Another winner from one of the master storytellers
  • Balls
    18 Nov. 2018
    What a great play and concept. Hangman brings such fire to Madeline's quest that by the time the end comes you're cheering as each character meets their duct tape comeuppance.
    17 Nov. 2018
    Wyndham doing what Wyndham does better than anyone else--speaking for those who need a voice. Well, they have voices, but he provides them all words and he does it seamlessly. Shay is one of my favorite monologues by far because she wants to address the lazy attitude of the world. And the World needs its lazy attitude addressed. Thank you again for providing another being who is making her way in the world and making one change at at time!
  • Retch Gag Spew Hurl Heave Eject
    16 Nov. 2018
    So glad this was the NPX play of the day. Perfectly executed and a great monologue to perform or see on the stage and I feel inspired to create now.
  • Arlecchino Am Ravenous
    16 Nov. 2018
    Another delightful winner by Thal! I was laughing throughout and was so hungry for more of Arlecchino when it was all over! Inspiring! Funny! Who could ask for anything else from a short brilliant monologue?
    16 Nov. 2018
    Johnny makes me sad that we mail in our ballots in Washington state! I miss the old way of voting and Johnny brings back such good memories of that. And how could you not like a middle-schooler who is bringing back the lost art of Joan Rivers. Bravo for another stellar monologue from Wyndham and bravo to Johnny Rivers for making me laugh on voting day and beyond!
  • Foxing
    16 Nov. 2018
    As with Romero's other play I have had the fortune of reading, I feel I have competed an incredible journey with him and the play. Not only am I inspired but find myself in a place of magic that feels so good. The art of spontaneity shines bright in the closing lines and it's from that place that I feel the most inspired.
  • The Elephant and the Light in Claire's Suitcase
    13 Nov. 2018
    As beautiful in its execution as it is haunting and sad in how it plays out. Dealing with aging parents and having lost my father a few years back, I latched on to Claire and her suitcase and my heart is full for her. Romero's writing is sheer poetry which leaves the reader breathless with wonder.
  • Brandi Alexander
    11 Nov. 2018
    This is a brilliant monologue and one of those ones that will haunt you long after you've finished reading it. The set up is a one of genius, the stand-up comedian just doing her new routine for the audience. I was left shaken by Pavela's powerful words and I will long remember this and keep hoping every day that better times are all ahead of us.