Recommended by Everett Robert

    23 Nov. 2018
    The holidays can be tragic. While everyone else is revealing, there are always those who just can't seem to get into the holiday spirit. Rachael Carnes dips into this area of tragedy in her delightfully funny play. Imagine the infamous Aristocrats joke, but at Christmas, with one layer of tragedy compounding upon another upon another upon another. A delightfully dark read
  • ROOM 27
    23 Nov. 2018
    They are the infamous, the almost mythological, the 27 Club-the musicians who died at the age of 27. At least 7 of them. All waiting for the last member of a once in a life time supergroup to show up. Each member facing an existential crisis while ruminating on the helplessness of it all. Sophisticated and, at times, uproariously funny, Burdick has created a unique world that I like getting a peek into, but glad I'm not living in. Remember, in Rock and Roll Heaven, you know they got a helluva band.
  • Noir Hamlet
    21 Oct. 2018
    "There's always a bloody ghost" Christopher Moore.

    Many people take Shakespeare's words and transplant them to a different location. Others take their inspiration from Shakespeare and create something new and unique. John Minigan does a little bit of both in this amazing-well lets call it an adaptation-of Hamlet. The noir typical troupes; the tall buildings, the LA skyline, the immoral characters, murder, lust, jealousy, rage, sex fit into Hamlet's world with brilliant clarity. Combined with Minigan's delightfully writing and the plays on Shakespeare's own words, made this a delight to read.

    "There's always a bloody ghost" Christopher Moore
    21 Oct. 2018
    Michael is a student in need of extra help-one of many students. Celeste Dawkins is a teacher at the end of her rope, drowning trying to keep up. Worlds collide, and no one is left for the better, but maybe they come to a better understanding? This was not an easy play to read, but it is a very good play to read. Burdick's dialog crackles and the creative and imaginative shifts all make for a play that explores why teachers and students are often at odds. Read this play.
  • Celtic Knot
    18 Oct. 2018
    A beautiful long one act play that reminds us of the tenderness of love and the frailty of life. Curry has taken elements of the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son and mixed it with elements of romance, motherly love, fatherly love, the struggles of living in a misogynistic culture, and the clash between tradition and change. Simply beautiful.
    17 Oct. 2018
    A new Asher Wyndham monologue is something to look forward to and he doesn't disappoint with NOLAN. At a time when we are exploring issues with bullying, when some say that the "nerds and geeks have won", the issue of fathers and sons and what interests them and where they differ is an important one. And the issue of violence and injuries to young football players is also an important one. There is so much to unpack in this short monologue.
    17 Oct. 2018
    With Partner Of-, Rachael Carnes writes a powerful portrait of a moment in time. Three generations-some seen and unseen-gather in a small room to prepare the youngest for a life changing moment. A glimpse into the past with a message toward the future. This is a must read, a must see, right now play.
    15 Oct. 2018
    Asher Wyndham has crafted something special with The Platypodes. A heart wrenching story about hurt people who hurt each other even while they love each other. A story about desperate people who all think they are doing the "right" thing. There are no right answers, there are no wrong answers, there are only questions that stick with you. Asher has gone for the throat and the heart. And while abortion is at the heart of this play, it is about more than just abortion, it is about humans and the reasons behind the choices we make.
  • The Home for Retired Canadian Girlfriends
    14 Oct. 2018
    What happens to a tulpa after it's been willed into existence but no longer has a purpose? What happens with that tulpa when it's the fictional and stock "girlfriend from Canada"? This very funny ten minute play asks that story and at the same time makes a very good point . A great read and I'm guessing would be a fun piece to both perform and see performed.
  • One Seriously Ugly Duckling
    14 Oct. 2018
    Emily Hageman takes the popular Heathers/Mean Girls troupe and transplants it into Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling in a delightful and important short play. Whereas Andersen's story places emphasis on becoming beautiful in the end, Hageman's story is about believing in yourself. And by having Duckbecca be interested in science and learning, she makes an important note about the importance of education. The play is also seriously FUNNY, bringing a smile to my face several times.