Recommended by Everett Robert

  • Round One
    11 May. 2018
    From the point of view of someone who works in the wedding industry, this rings so true. There are times, you see a couple and you "just know" when a couple is going to work and when it isn't. Usually you can tell by how the guy treats his bride to be, such in the case here. This short play is funny, timely, that rings true about the wedding industry while reminding us how to treat the person we love and how true love presents itself.
  • Ta-Da or Toodle-Oo
    20 Apr. 2018
    READ THIS PLAY! Read this play before reading another word of this recommendation because this play is this good.

    Okay, now that I've got that out, I want to encourage you again to READ THIS PLAY! An exploration of the symbiotic nature of a two working partners and what they can mean to each other and what they do and don't say to each other. A great, fun, play.
  • Reading Babar in 2070
    3 Apr. 2018
    As I read this, the last Northern White male rhino is no longer with us, bringing another creature to the edge of extinction. Reading Babar in 2070 reminded me that we have an obligation to preserve our environment. There is a stark contrast here as the character of Lucia rails against the imperialism of the character of Babar and her realization that maybe she should have done more to protect the elephants, not just for her children but for her children's children. There's also a stark reminder that in this moments of realization, life goes on. Recommended reading.
  • Suicide Hotline
    3 Apr. 2018
    One would think that a play about an unemployed middle-aged man who lives at home with his mother and accidently gets called by a suicidal man (who I might surmise is a lot more like Jim then either wants to admit) might be depressing but it is a light, heartfelt, and lively play that captures the heart, the depression, and the longing for acceptance that many men suffer from and need in their lives.
  • Damn You, Robert! - A monologue
    2 Apr. 2018
    Stubbles captures a lifetime of experience, of hurt, of regret in one moment. Was Robert actually haunting her or was it just the memory of a regret? does it matter? This is a brilliant, haunting monologue that is specific to a certain time period and yet is timely.
  • Prince Nice Guy
    1 Apr. 2018
    Delightfully funny while poking fun at those who would try to foist themselves on the unwilling, the so-called "incels" and more. Hageman writes with a light touch in a play I can see appealing to the high school crowd, but while delivering a message that is both timely and timeless. I was smiling throughout, but the script got me thinking as well.
  • The Back Porch Test
    30 Mar. 2018
    There are times a play just sneaks up on you. When you go into a play blind with no expectations. This is one of those situations. I went into this play having not read the synopsis, just the title and I loved it. Growing up in a rural environment, I could practically smell the wheat in the air, see the cotton from the cottonwoods drifting about and could hear the cicadas sing. I know these two young lovers and I've heard the same advice both of them have. This is a simple, sweet play that is practically perfect.
  • SLEEPYHEAD: A 2-Minute Monologue Play
    26 Feb. 2018
    Funny, poignant, heartbreaking a little bit even, Wyndham manages to capture, in two minutes, the struggle of getting up after spending all night perusing the Internet for the most benign subjects that eventually lead down into a rabbit hole.

    A great piece.
  • Lightning Bugs
    9 Oct. 2017
    This is a beautiful, poetic piece of theater about an older couple dealing with a troubled past. The use of lightening bugs is both symbolic and plays an important role in these characters lives. This is truly a moving piece of art.
  • A Moment of Clarity
    6 Oct. 2017
    This play...I can't even begin to express how good it is. A powerful account of a son dealing with his father's dementia in a quiet moment of clarity. It's a scene we've seen before, a son who lives far away from his parents, visiting on Christmas. They are at the pharmacy, getting medications while mom shops. That's when things get real. Touching and beautiful.