Recommended by Everett Robert

  • A Moment of Clarity
    6 Oct. 2017
    This play...I can't even begin to express how good it is. A powerful account of a son dealing with his father's dementia in a quiet moment of clarity. It's a scene we've seen before, a son who lives far away from his parents, visiting on Christmas. They are at the pharmacy, getting medications while mom shops. That's when things get real. Touching and beautiful.
  • Scared of the Dark
    5 Oct. 2017
    Adam Seidel takes a simple premise, a man in love with his regular dancer at a strip club, and turns what could have been played for laughs into a heartbreaking, and wrenching exploration of humanity and the lies we tell ourselves. Amidst the stage descriptions of loud music and a mumbling emcee, we get a very quiet talk between two different characters with different feelings and motivations. A really great piece.
  • Pix of Your Partner's Privates
    5 Oct. 2017
    I saw this at the Midwest Dramatists Conference as the opening play and it set the tone for the whole weekend, in my opinion. A well crafted, funny and poignant look at dating, long-distance dating, and exting in today's culture.

    The base story is right there in the title, a couple dealing with sending pictures of private but it is more then that. It is about relationships, and how men and women view themselves and each other. Touching and a bit vulgar at times, but in a way that rings true. A well crafted and touching play.
  • Hocking Murray
    5 Oct. 2017
    What starts off as a simple premise, a woman hocking a piece of jewelry, turns into a thought provoking conversation about the legacy we leave behind. A really great piece especially for an older female actor.
  • Route 84 House Fire: Three Miles from Train Tracks, Nine From a Hydrant
    5 Oct. 2017
    I saw this at the Midwest Dramatists Conference in Kansas City and DEAR GOD THIS PLAY IS AMAZING! From the beginning I was held and enraptured by this powerful story of a young girl recounting what happened (maybe) when her rural farm house burned down. Powerful and moving, this is a great piece for a young female actor. Cannot recommend this play enough.
    5 Oct. 2017
    I LOVED this short, sweet play that has a much deeper meaning and significance then it may appear at the beginning.

    3 dogs (Gloria Steinem, Lotte Lenya, and Scout) are waiting to be adopted from a shelter. What follows is a conversation between the three, representing three different generations, that is sweet, funny, and moving. And the end? What happens at the end is is just beautiful. Just a wonderful piece of theater.
  • Canvas
    5 Oct. 2017
    This "war play" deals with those at home, dealing with family whom they have lost on the battlefield, but it's more then that. It deals with socio-political issues that we've been dealing with for a long time, mainly the homeless.

    It starts off in a fast food restaurant, where a homeless man just wants a cup of coffee but goes deeper and deeper and deeper. A taunt, tight piece of great writing dealing with a serious issue. Highly recommended.
  • The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea
    23 Apr. 2017
    I have been long fascinated by the effects of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, but only in relation to Hollywood and to a lesser degree entertainers and writers in New York. I love that writers have used what the HUAC did and have used it in other stories, to shine a light on what happened, from Arthur Miller to George RR Martin. But I have never considered the others that were affected until this powerfully moving piece of theater. A must read, a must SEE.
    22 Apr. 2017
    Wow! I didn't know what to expect from reading this, but I really really enjoyed it. I'm not usually a fan of breaking from the traditional "rules of formatting" but the change in font to a more traditional style comic book and the break towards the end and the stair-stepping words really just worked for me. I'm really surprised that this hasn't been done yet too. This is a very powerful piece.