Recommended by John Adams

  • False Cognates
    27 Sep. 2019
    Worth a read from all playwrights, particularly those in majority demographics. A satire, but perhaps not THAT satirical in some areas. Saw this at the 2019 Midwest Dramatists Conference, and this one really sticks with you and makes you think.
  • Down Deer
    27 Sep. 2019
    Saw this piece at the 2019 Midwest Dramatists Conference. A moving play about family culture in more rural communities. Uses humor and well-constructed language to deal with tough topics. Good build up and powerful ending.
    27 Sep. 2019
    Saw this gem at the 2019 Midwest Dramatists Conference. Four generations of women in a near-term dystopia. Their dialogue is hysterical — in both expected and totally unexpected ways for their roles in the family and society. Once we know the characters, we take a hard (but well-earned) turn to drama, almost horror (certainly horrific). Great work!
  • 20 Verses
    27 Sep. 2019
    Saw at 2019 Midwest Dramatists Conference. Very theatrical! Deep characters and major dramatic conflict that hooks you. Brimming with audience interaction — the audience at the conference was totally engaged and involved in the production.
  • The Fallout
    27 Sep. 2019
    Fun play! Just saw a staged reading at Midwest Dramatists Conference. Alt-history + drama + a bit of absurdist drama. Title works on so many levels. Lam clearly loves these characters.
  • Follow the Lady
    3 Feb. 2019
    This was really fun! The characters were quirky but believable, and there was a bit of mystery to how things end up how (or, more precisely, WHERE) they end up. Nice job jumping back and forth between scenes without making it too complex for a 10-minute staging. And there's a nice twist at the end I did not see coming.
  • The Kiss
    2 Feb. 2019
    Oh, wow, this was great! I had some idea of what to expect from the synopsis, but the execution blew me away. It was engaging, heartfelt, dramatic, and funny at times. The lead female role's monologue at the end was INCREDIBLY powerful. Though it's fair to call it historical fiction, it heavily hits on themes that are very relevant today.
  • Make Way
    2 Feb. 2019
    A powerful script, directly centered on censorship but more broadly about enforcement of totalitarian ideas. Though we don't find out much about the characters backstories (in fact, they don't even have names), we get glimpses. This, plus strong dialogue choices bring three strong identities to life. This piece says a lot, especially in our troubling times.
  • Foliage
    2 Feb. 2019
    This was sweet and a lot of fun. Bold and dynamic character, and an ending I did not see coming! I'm a sucker for tales about stage magicians and any sort of theatre that uses the audience, and this is centered on both. Interesting use of back-stage/on-stage as well. A nice fun 10-minute play!
  • The Coriolis Effect
    9 Oct. 2018
    What a fun and sweet play! The characters here felt exceptionally real but also exceptionally fun. Audiences will be able to relate to both of the philosophies presented -- and the fact that these philosophies are presented with fun anecdotes and quirky dialogue is a great plus! Existentialism for the everyperson. Love it!