Recommended by John Adams

  • Dead Zone
    9 Oct. 2018
    Wow, this was powerful. It's a comic premise (in theory) done in a very non-comedic manner. Lindsay Adams does a great job mapping a non-human scenario onto a very real human relationship. This is a moving story of a family but also has a larger message about human waste and conservation. And, it's packaged in a very intriguing premise, as well!
  • Big Angry Dyke
    3 Oct. 2018
    Face it: you never thought you wanted to see Anita Bryant again. But you were wrong. This biting (but fun) play with marvelous, barbed dialogue gives us a look at the fate in store for our least-favorite orange-juice hawker. Lots of great specifics and very well researched. I saw this at a staged reading recently, and the actors had SO MUCH FUN with these words!
    30 Sep. 2018
    Very lyrical, poetic play about the sad life of Sally Hemings and familial cycles of abuse and hardship. The words are beautiful even as the subject matter is vile and ugly. This one has really stuck with me!
  • Tattooed Quilt
    30 Sep. 2018
    A look into a possible future that asks so many questions. How do we redeem those who have done the most to hurt society? SHOULD we redeem them? Do they even want to be redeemed? Strong characters help immerse you in the story, and the world-building is done effectively and efficiently as we learn about this new world of 2029. Will leave you thinking!
    30 Sep. 2018
    A haunting piece. Very well-researched, with that research going on to create real, full characters. The last visual left me chills.
  • The Jinx
    30 Sep. 2018
    This was delightful! Great, rich characters who come alive with their dialogue; a fun plot; a genius resolution. I am normally a person who runs kicking and screaming from anything vaguely sports-themed, and this one sucked me right in. Wonderful!
  • The Drumhellers of Bloody Dick Creek
    30 Sep. 2018
    This one has really stuck with me. It's moving, horrific at times and laugh-out-loud funny at others. (Seriously, the button line for the first scene is amazing.) I'd recommend reading twice, because Scene 3 so brilliantly informs what we thought we new from Scene 1.
  • Darn It! Darla! : A Ten-Minute Comedy
    30 Sep. 2018
    Darn it, Darla! You came up with the catchiest play title ever! I am a sucker for stories about not-quite-celebrities, and this one delivers. It's funny, but underneath, it says a lot about the limited opportunities for women in entertainment. Some very fun character, great dialogue and a theme song, all in a compact 10-minute piece!
  • Interventions
    30 Sep. 2018
    Oh, wow, this one was fun -- but still thought-provoking. Sort of a shorter, funnier, LGBT-ier Back to the Future. The playwright does a great job working in five (yes, five!) very distinct voices into this short piece. The sci-fi themes don't overwhelm, instead letting the focus fall on the humor and the human relations.
  • The Briefing
    30 Sep. 2018
    This play was a thoughtful (though depressing) look back at recent history and how that history impacts us today. It's well-researched and informative, but beyond that, it dramatizes how we process information -- and then choose to selectively re-process that same information.