Recommended by Darcy Parker Bruce

  • Wolf Play
    19 Mar. 2024
    I thought I already left a comment, so I'm very sorry to be so late in doing so... but for what it's worth this play made a roomful of queers at 2019 Lambda weep in the best way. I love this play. I want to see this play onstage. I want to witness an audience witness this play and then wrestle their thoughts into conversation. I love this play, produce this play, and teach this play- please!
  • The Ocean Thought Nothing
    26 Aug. 2023
    I love this script so much. Kari Bentley-Quinn has a way with language and the way time is used in this piece is fantastic. I am a sucker for the characters Bentley-Quinn has given us. The palpable longing and the mystery at the heart of this piece make it all that more compelling. Thank you Kari Bentley-Quinn for this fantastic script! I can't wait to see it live.
  • Black Mexican
    19 Sep. 2020
    Wow. Rachel has crafted a piece that's accessible, moving, fast-paced, and incredibly relevant to this moment in time. Black Mexican is a play creating space for necessary questions and necessary voices.
  • More Than the Animals
    2 Dec. 2019
    So fantastic, hilarious, and hits where it needs to when it needs to. I love it.
  • Twisted Deaths
    17 Aug. 2019
    Shannon's work is deeply resilient and I'm ready for more. His work resonates and strikes a chord I didn't know I needed struck. This is a play that will keep conversation in motion long after its curtain. I had the pleasure of getting to know Shannon and his work at the 2019 LAMBDA literary conference. I feel a powerful combination of relief and excitement knowing that Shannon is creating work in our industry. Get him in the room.
  • MLM is for Murder (Or, Your Side Hustle is Killing Us)
    17 Aug. 2019
    John's work is hilarious, and builds slowly in a way that takes the audience by surprise. This play is so funny and poignant. I had the pleasure of getting to know John and his work at the 2019 LAMBDA literary conference, and John is absolutely someone you want in the room. Beautiful work, beautiful person.
  • Refuge
    17 Aug. 2019
    Beautiful work. Andrew builds worlds in an almost dreamlike way but still allows them the gravity and importance they demand. Urgent, immediate work with puppetry that calls for a wonderful theatricality. I had the pleasure of getting to know Andrew and his work at the 2019 LAMBDA literary conference. Andrew has a silent creativity continuously cooking and I can't wait to see where his work leads. Andrew writes plays I want to see onstage NOW.
    17 Aug. 2019
    A beautiful meal of a play. I saw this at Chester Theatre and was completely drawn in.
  • The Tasters
    23 Jun. 2019
    Fantastic. I love Meghan's work, this play is electric. I could watch this play and read this play over and over but PRODUCE this play because it's beautiful and heart-wrenching and urgent and important. Produce this play.
  • Actually
    1 Jun. 2019
    This is a play that offers so much to an audience: it's topical and leaves the audience with no easy answer but instead, opens the door for necessary conversation. I'm so glad I got to see the production at TheaterWorks here in Connecticut. What a fantastic new play.