Recommended by Adam Richter

    4 Sep. 2019
    Horrifying. Powerful and horrifying. What makes this play so disturbing is that the scenario -- people trying in vain to thwart an inhumane practice by the U.S. government -- is so realistic. "This Is How It Starts" isn't just a satire; it's a warning.
  • Back of The Throat
    13 Jul. 2019
    This is a tight drama that builds tension one line at a time. Really well done, and I agree with Cheryl Bear: This needs to be produced everywhere.
  • Perfecting the Kiss: a mockumentary for the stage
    11 Jul. 2019
    Scott Sickles creates a perfect love -- pentagon? -- in this hilarious sendup of fringe theater. It's also a good cautionary tale for anyone involved in theater at any level. (Except maybe prop managers. They're fine.) I love the way that Scott creates complicated relationships that are funny and also heartfelt, and he does so expertly in this play.
  • Hand on Heart
    24 Apr. 2019
    You don't expect romance to blossom (certainly not in a "meet-cute" kind of way) out of an attempted terrorist attack, but Scott C. Sickles expertly subverts all kinds of preconceived notions in "Hand on Heart." This clever, concise play shows that the perceptions we have of one another can be wrong in so many ways. As usual, he accomplishes a great deal in a small space.
  • Yellow Cardinal (a one-minute play)
    3 Apr. 2019
    Short but brilliant. I loved the ending. Matthew Weaver's one-minute plays are a joy to read, and this is one of my favorites.
    24 Mar. 2019
    This was a funny, high-energy slapstick play that makes you fear for the future of the human race almost as much as any current headline. The three astronauts tasked with colonizing Mars are humanity's last hope and they are well aware they're not up to the task. I saw a production at the Nylon Fusion Theater Company and it was a laugh-out-loud romp.
  • The Embrace
    18 Mar. 2019
    A lovely and touching piece about two people who find each other in an accidental way, and what can happen when you extend some kindness to a total stranger.
  • Tactile Creatures
    11 Mar. 2019
    Quite a lovely little ghost story that in its brief pages manages to be, ahem, touching. In a small amount of space Scott Sickles gives us three fully realized characters, each of whom we feel emotionally invested in.
  • Investigation
    11 Mar. 2019
    David Nice takes everything you think you might know about the setup -- coworkers investigating sexual harassment, stuck sharing a hotel room -- and upends it, creating a tense, thoughtful drama about the nature not just of workplace harassment but about human sexuality. Nice tackles the issues in this play with thoughtfulness and ingenuity.
  • Nonsense and Beauty
    10 Mar. 2019
    A remarkable drama about the life of one of the 20th century's best-known English authors and his doomed love life. The social norms and attitudes -- oh yeah, and the laws -- that forced Forster and Buckingham to carry on their romance in secret are not that far back in the rear view mirror of history, and Scott masterfully shows the price that they had to pay. This was a wonderful play to read.