Recommended by Kenneth N. Kurtz

  • FARINGDON FOLLIES: Nudity, Debauchery and Afternoon Tea
    18 Apr. 2019
    What a playful play, as though Oscar Wilde Vulcan mind melded with Wodehouse, time traveling through the first decades of the last century on a froth of wit. Great grand fun!
  • Broken Angels
    14 Apr. 2019
    Broken Angels is the kind of history that we musn't be allowed to forget, and I cannot forget the fine production of this play that I saw at the Willow Theatre in Boca Raton.
  • Can't Live Without You
    14 Apr. 2019
    I loved directing the first reading of this fine play, but loved even more seeing its first full production at Boca Raton's Willow Theatre. I have that happy feeling that I will soon be able to see it on many more stages.
    13 Apr. 2019
    I love historical plays, and Saint Somebody is a fine one, hitting just the right balance between now and then in language. I'd love to design it: those three tents hovering like bloody ghosts 'round a Gettysburg clearing. Bravo, Rita Anderson, for a fine story well told.
  • The Return of Tartuffe (8-character version)
    5 Apr. 2019
    Brian Mulholland is a man after my own heart, a playwright who brandishes rhymed couplets so easily and jauntily as to move this comedy forward on a froth of gentle wit. I think Moliere would be proud. I really enjoyed this play. And I love the idea of resuscitating Tartuffe to make a fool of Cotton Mather.