Recommended by Debra A. Cole

  • THE FERRIS WHEEL - a short play for both stage and radio
    14 Sep. 2022
    A entire lifetime in 10 minutes. D. LEE MILLER invites audiences into the private moments of one beautiful, loving, and touching partnership. Sometimes, you're at the top of the world, and other times... you are forced to observe the world alone not by your own design... but fate. LOVELY.
  • Scared
    13 Sep. 2022
    Wow. As a former teacher and mother, this short play emotionally hits me on all levels. The beautiful innocence juxtaposed with gritty maturity is powerful message as two young people are both SCARED and AFRIAD of the world around them. And the song... phew.
  • Masks Up (A ZOOM Play)
    13 Sep. 2022
    I love the hypocrisy of small town ministers, and this powerful short play by William J. Goodwin exposes the hate and shame that exists within those who hate themselves. I also love three strong women setting things right in the world. A wonderful piece for ZOOM performances.
  • Forgotten
    13 Sep. 2022
    The perfect pacing and witty interactions of Man and Woman will leave audiences WANTING MORE! What a wonderful short play. I would KILL to see this performed with all of the wonderful possibilities of character and movement for the actors. BRAVO!
  • Flight of Fancy
    13 Sep. 2022
    What a sweet and fascinating short play about technology, learning, and growing as humans... and robots. MOREY NORKIN creates a part delightful and part terrifying new world where the concept of being human is negotiable and constantly changing. The physicality of the piece would make it a fun evening for an audience.
  • Fashionably Late
    13 Sep. 2022
    I adore this couple! Every successful couple knows each other's strengths and weaknesses and love each other anyway. A sweet two-hander that audiences will adore too.
  • Cupcake
    13 Sep. 2022
    What a dark short play with a delightful ending. The Jarrods of the world are often raised - not born, and one mother finds out that her past decisions and actions have finally caught up with her and her little Cupcake. Is it wrong to say this play is DELICIOUS?
  • Barbie Throws a House Party!
    13 Sep. 2022
    OMG, like this play was so pink and fun!

    What a wonderful look at the toxic and one-way relationships that Barbie has established with Skipper, Ken, and everyone plastic in her totally flying horse, sparkle-ly world.
  • Reckoning
    12 Sep. 2022
    So much pain and so many complicated feelings….

    This one minute with a mother and son, while an ending, it is just the beginning of many more conversations before healing can begin.

  • Good Boy
    12 Sep. 2022
    So touching. We love our pets no matter what. SAMANTHA creates a beautifully layered character in Paul.