Recommended by Debra A. Cole

  • Face of Rebuilding
    8 Aug. 2022
    JEAN CIAMPI has a creatively obsessive, anxiety-ridden, and energetic way of bringing her female characters to life - AND I mean that is the VERY BEST WAY! Her sharp and witty dialogue gives moments of respite in a world chaos and violence. Anna Lisa feels real, and we want to make it right again for her.
  • So, About the Heat
    8 Aug. 2022
    WHAT A WONDERFUL monologue for ANY actress over 40! Piper is the heroine we all root for, and we've all been at one time or another. BRAVO, JEAN CIAMPI!
  • Paybacks
    8 Aug. 2022
    New relationships can be tricky, especially if a relationship is so fraught with violence. I adore this short piece by JEAN CIAMPI. Despite the tragic beginning, Kelly may just find the right way to keep this relationship going forward AND find a little justice for herself.
  • It's Not Me
    31 Jul. 2022
    Claire is a fascinating character as she faces what she wants and what she doesn't want. KEVIN's pain is palpable as he tries to navigate this relationship that seems to be doomed from the start. Poor sweet, Kevin. RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS is a MASTER at getting to the heart of each character she writes.
  • The Tarantula's Pet Frog
    31 Jul. 2022
    I had the pleasure of hearing this read in Sunday playwright's group. HYSTERICAL! REX MCGREGOR has such a gift with animals and inanimate objects. The characters are well-developed and clever. The scenarios - perfection. BRAVO!
  • Making Herself Comfortable - A Script In A Day
    31 Jul. 2022
    I wish this play felt further back on the timeline that it actually is! JOSEPHS gives us a private view into the outrageous boys' club of unions past... and sometimes present.
  • The Plume
    28 Jul. 2022
    I had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful piece at the KC Fringe Festival tonight. RICE has a created a world that is full of tension, justifications, and appropriate blame. A strong piece that will have audiences talking - I suspect many will produce it as the years go on.
  • Everything in its place
    27 Jul. 2022
    What a lovely short play about old things we treasure and new things that capture our fancy. One can't help but see the connections between these inanimate items and the strong human journey of aging, adjusting, transforming, and organizing.
  • Virgins
    27 Jul. 2022
    What a beautiful interaction between two sisters who couldn't be more different. The dialogue felt personal an authentic. I adore how SCOTT SICKLES strings words together to make art.
  • SUPER ... NATURAL ( a one minute monologue )
    27 Jul. 2022
    What a sharp one minute monologue. A great piece for a seasoned actress.