Recommended by Debra A. Cole

  • That Word (one minute version)
    1 Mar. 2024
    Hilarious! WHAT F***ING FUN this would be to perform. Priceless.
    29 Feb. 2024
    What a fun read! I like Pat. He's just the guide we need in this playful short play.
    29 Feb. 2024
    Why am I not surprised that the road to Hell is a karaoke bar? What a FABULOUS approach to a lyrical prompt. Characters TOPH is the perfect opposing characters to PETER as the truth settles in for what will now be eternity. WHAT A FUN IDEA!
  • Morto D. Gatto
    29 Feb. 2024
    Hilarious! Everyone's got an agenda is this fast-paced, hilarious short play by JEAN CIAMPI. The physical comedy that THOR brings to the scene is truly princess. This would be great fun to produce.
  • Don't Preach at My Funeral
    29 Feb. 2024
    What a painful and, sadly, recognizable scenario for family families...

    MARSHALL LOGAN GIBBS has created a powerful world where past trauma is alive and well in a current day crisis. ZABBY is the kind of character an audience roots for as she attempts to cut through a lifetime of judgement and hate using truth and acceptance. The ending gives a hint a hope, and audience members can only hope it sticks.
  • Dear Nate
    29 Feb. 2024
    I wouldn't go back to my early 20s for anything...

    ALI KELLER has written a short play that explore how complicated work friendship/hookups can be. I adore how KELLER has written both Charlie and Nate as complicated individuals - each with blame in this messy situation. Not your normal holiday play, but the holiday serves as a fabulous reason to send a "Dear Nate" letter... even if it's just on construction paper.
  • Gimme Shelter
    29 Feb. 2024
    I love Poe, and any playwright that plays with his concepts wins in my book! BRENT ALLES create a dramatic world of past digressions, current vulnerabilities, and future isolation. Haunting.
  • Miss Shakespeare
    29 Feb. 2024
    Fascinating premise... Could Shakespeare have been a woman? DAN TAUBE dives into this exact supposition. The juxtaposition of current day characters and those of the past would make for fun staging and lighting for any design team. Great fun!
    27 Feb. 2024
    What happens when you take a childhood, holiday favorite character and give him the truth about birth... about living... about dying? JONNY BOLDUC has done just that in JOLLY, HAPPY SOUL. This short play isn't going to show up on the Hallmark Channel, but I wish there WAS a network for this kind of brilliant and haunting writing.
  • Just Desserts (one minute play)
    27 Feb. 2024
    30 single words - used as many times as possible to create an engaging scene - that was the task, but what MARILYN OLLETT does with those words is so powerful... so haunting. Never have stage directions meant so much for a cast, as they do in this emotionally charged one minute. WOW.