Recommended by Kate Danley

  • The Bookbinder's Tale
    26 Oct. 2018
    A charming tale filled with heartwarming characters and story. Lovely rhythms and quick pacing. I thoroughly enjoyed!
  • Visiting Cezanne
    28 Aug. 2018
    A beautiful exploration of Cezanne, the meaning of art, the value of an artist's life, and the influences/events that shape a world, all with a dash of magical, mystical elements. Thoroughly enjoyed!
  • SWEET LAND the musical
    28 Aug. 2018
    I caught a production of "Sweet Land" at the Taproot Theatre and it was absolutely delightful. Heartfelt and charming with some great musical numbers. Through an historical lens, it wrestles with some big issues about immigration and who is welcome/who is not in America, but does so with a light, non-preachy, compassionate touch appropriate for audiences across the political spectrum. There was a talk back after the show and I was moved by how many people remarked that the immigration story they saw on stage mirrored their own grandparents and great-grandparents' stories.
  • BUZZ
    10 Jun. 2018
    A mind-bending script about an important but forgotten woman in theatre. It deliciously meshes experimental flavors with history. Rather than a linear, blow-by-blow of Mary Ann ‘Buzz’ Goodbody's life, this modern script tears down the walls of tradition, and presents her barrier breaking life in the barrier breaking styles happening in theater when she lived. It holds that clever delight that happens when "meta" is done right.
  • Br'er Cotton
    18 Apr. 2018
    The prose will absolutely take your breath away! Gorgeous, beautiful, art.
  • Grand Canyon
    26 Mar. 2018
    An absolutely gorgeous piece that touches upon life, love, grief, and letting go. It tackles all of these heavy human experiences without stumbling into the trite or belabored. It expertly navigates these topics in such a way that, in the production I saw, left the audience moved and wanting more.
  • Frelmetsch the Maneater
    24 Jan. 2017
    As a puppeteer myself, I found Matthew hit the realities of the world spot on. The dialog is sparkling and fast paced, the characters are fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed this play! Highly recommend!