Recommended by Kate Danley

  • The Ribbon
    9 Feb. 2019
    A fun little piece perfect for a night of horror shorts for Halloween!
  • Tacos
    9 Feb. 2019
    Is there life after tacos? Some might say not. But this philosophical piece dives into the afterlife, and symbolically explores what keeps us tied to our own personal purgatories - our fear of pain, our fear of change, our fear of letting go. A well written play for women with a pace that clips along!
  • NELL DASH, The Gruesomely Merry Adventures Of An Irrepressibly Sensible Capitalist With A Vengeance
    7 Feb. 2019
    A delightful mashup of all your favorite 19th century characters in one play! The dialog is sparkling and the plot dances along. It would be a really fun Halloween offering in any theater's season. (And especially great for theaters looking for large casts.)
  • Fat Cat Killers
    7 Feb. 2019
    It'll slay your audience in the aisles! So dark, so funny... so many great physical comedy opportunities. Fascinating, absurd characters that just delight!
  • #krazyman
    5 Feb. 2019
    A stunning play! Bleak, dark, and yet a mirror to the world that we find ourselves in. David Narter gives you just enough information that you find yourself having to find out what comes next. It is like assembling a puzzle and you don't get to see the full picture until the very end. Gorgeous!
    5 Feb. 2019
    A heartwarming story about dreams and all that is invested when fans sit down to watch the big game every Sunday. Even though it is about the Bills, I think it would be a wonderful addition to any season! Seems like a great way to welcome in sports fans to the theatre and show them that they, too, are represented on the stage.
  • Frosty the Rogue Man
    5 Feb. 2019
    Starts off one direction and I was totally ready for it to go for the old cliches, and then did an about face and revealed a story I didn't see coming. Sassy and sweet! Would be great for a holiday themed shorts festival!
  • Bluebonnet Court
    26 Jan. 2019
    A beautifully written exploration of America in the 1940s. WWII nostalgia, with old time radio and the hazy filter of a "golden age of Hollywood" style, is juxtaposed against the racism, homophobia, and antisemitism that were cultural "norms". Some powerful monologues in here for actors. This would be a great conversation-starting addition to any theatre's season!
  • The Shuddering Gymnasium
    26 Dec. 2018
    Totally absurd (as in "absurdism") and a Durang-ian delight! With shades of Ionesco and Jarry, it pushes reality into the surrealist and Avant-garde to reveal life's truths.
  • The Bookbinder's Tale
    26 Oct. 2018
    A charming tale filled with heartwarming characters and story. Lovely rhythms and quick pacing. I thoroughly enjoyed!