Recommended by Nora Louise Syran

  • A Grove, Again
    20 Jun. 2024
    A perfectly shaped puzzle-piece of a play. In a world, like a dark forest where we have lost our way, Gatton is here to help guide us. There is pain. There is loss. But there is also selfless giving and the hope of finding what's lost to complete and free us from this puzzle, again.
  • Swipe Left, Swipe Right
    15 Jun. 2024
    Hubba hubba! What a fun short play for two older actors. Easy to stage. Some nice little twists and turns. "Swipe Right" and produce this little gem.
  • Trivial [a monologue]
    15 Jun. 2024
    I ADORE the use of morse code in this piece. A simply beautiful staging element. An authentically powerful attempt to communicate across time and space. Lovely.
  • Park Benches
    15 Jun. 2024
    Lovely. As David grapples with accepting the inevitable passing of his wife who is "in-between" this life and the next, he is joined on a park bench by Agnes. "It's okay. I'm Agnes." I love the simplicity of this. The light in the darkness. The hope. And her character serves as a beautiful tool of exposition allowing us to understand David's predicament without him hardly saying a word. Bravo.
  • Vermont Farmer -- a monologue
    14 Jun. 2024
    A touching tribute to a hard working man. Lovely imagery.
  • Boundary
    10 Jun. 2024
    Moran crafts a personal and yet epic tale of a "country" that "won't just kill you, it'll bury you to boot." The Yukon comes alive and yet remains as frozen as Joe, his daughter, Jessie, and the unexpected visitor, Travis, are in their respective guilt, regret and shame. Alaska allows them to hear themselves think. I particularly appreciate the frozen-magical-realistic-ghostlike figures and the use of the radio to highlight the isolation. I'd love to see the set design for this piece and a production of course, as well.
  • Cabana Boy
    10 Jun. 2024
    Loved the setting of this romantic comedy and its at first familiar tropes--but pull on a strand and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Williams' skill at conjuring up summer magic and endearing characters is on full display here. Bravo.
  • Capriccio Radio
    10 Jun. 2024
    I love stories that explore the arts and history and the parallel journeys of all artists whether playwrights, musicians or painters. Larry Rinkel's 'Capriccio Radio' portrays the struggle between preserving classical music and succumbing to commercial pressures in the ever-changing landscape of radio and a dwindling listening audience. “How do we find this music? How does this music find us?”

    Rinkel explores the evolving relationship between tradition and the necessary innovation/desire for the "new" in the arts. His well-drawn characters weather the resistance to change: “If I try something new I might like it.” Loved the ending.
  • Fossil Lady
    6 Jun. 2024
    I adore "Mary, Mary quite contrary." And thank goodness she was. Haas captures the strength of this woman as well as the pull of the stormy tide of time and belief in a few short scenes. Brava.
  • By Popular Demand
    30 May. 2024
    Hysterical. It runs like an extended breathless Saturday Night Live skit and ends just perfectly, with an actual moral. Choatic? Yes. Fun? Yes. Kudos to Christopher Soucy for whipping this crazy confection together today! "Stay true to Blucifer!"