Recommended by John Busser

  • Three Hours Until Departure
    20 Nov. 2019
    I got jittery just reading this piece. Gacinski captures an all too familiar scenario here. Like a gambler hoping for the one lucky hand, his character Luis is putting all his hopes on a risky (in more ways than one) plan to smuggle drugs to pay off crippling debt. The final image left for the audience is both a sad reminder of Luis’ plight and a probable indicator that he’s going to be caught. Powerful stuff.
  • 86 Jake (Short play)
    20 Nov. 2019
    I HIGHLY recommend this lightning-fast 10 minute play. I'm a sucker for absurdist little stories like this and loved the resolution of it. I laughed my ass off a few times reading this. And c'mon, we all know the customer isn't always right, even though in this case, she is.
  • The Devil Exclusive
    6 Nov. 2019
    I loved this piece and what it had to say about our nature. Witty and engaging, Dunne's script would be a welcome addition to a short play festival that proves you don't need spectacle to sell a play, just a smart idea, told simply. I'd love to see this produced.
  • Hitchers
    25 Oct. 2019
    This play made me laugh from page 1. Hilarious! The biggest compliment I can give it is that I'm envious I didn't think of it. It's short, funny as hell and should be seen by everyone.
  • Language Barrier
    25 Oct. 2019
    I was moved and saddened watching the disintegration of the two main character's friendship, caused by the immovable position we tend to take when meeting an opposing point of view. Ade's characters seemed all too real and I loved the fact that the focus of their rift, the younger student, never tells you which avenue she would pursue. Well worth the time and effort to produce this for the stage.
  • The Roast
    23 Oct. 2019
    I actually muttered "Whoa!" at the end of this. I did NOT see that coming. Either put this as the first piece of a shorts festival to let people know they are in for an interesting evening, or last as a perfect capper to it.
    23 Oct. 2019
    I loved this. An odd idea carried out perfectly. "The rabbit is literally chewing the scenery." made me burst out laughing. Fun to read and I'd bet, fun to perform. Well done Rachel.
  • Scripted (a ten minute play)
    15 Oct. 2019
    A wonderful little 10 minute play that reminds you, no matter how much you plan, no matter how repetitive your days, you can always change what's about to happen. Levine never fails to entertain.
  • It Wants to Kill Me
    11 Oct. 2019
    That... was creepy. And fun to read. No special effects needed. Just good, solid actors for this wonderful little piece.
  • A Sense of Stardom (a Monologue for Mr. Microphone)
    11 Oct. 2019
    I don't know what's funnier. The piece about Mr. Microphone that Lawing wrote, or the fact that not only did I once HAVE a Mr. Microphone, I also sadly owned the same type of car he describes in this hilariously touching monologue... a Pinto. What else has he stolen from my younger days?